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Kids II Recalls All Rocking Sleepers

holding hurt childs hand in crib | product liability lawyer

Recall Brief

As of April 26th, Kids II has recalled all models of their Rocking Sleepers, similar to Fisher-Price’s Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. Approximately 649,000 units are part of the recall. Consumer reports found that at least four children have died due to these products. Fatalities occurred in the Rocking Sleepers after the infants rolled from their back to their stomach while unrestrained. The recall includes models released as early as March 2012 through the recall date. The undergoing recall comes just two weeks after Fischer-Price recalled their version of the rocking sleeper.

Next Steps

Parents and caregivers are urged to stop using the product immediately. Investigations and research have shown that unrestrained, inclined sleepers increase the risk of suffocation and strangulation. Babies should be put to be alone on their backs on a firm, flat surface free of restraints and soft bedding. It is yet to be determined whether or not this entire category of sleepers will be eliminated or if just these specific models will just be recalled.

These products were sold nationwide at retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Toys “R” Us. If you or someone you know has purchased a Rocking Sleeper, you are entitled to a full refund. Call Kids II toll-free at 1-866-868-7954 between regular business hours or visit and click on “IMPORTANT RECALL INFORMATION” for more info.