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Common Construction Accidents

construction worker

There are a variety of ways that a construction accident can occur. Whether you are working on site or just a pedestrian passing by. You can get injured from falling debris, falls, electrocutions, explosions or burns, slips and falls, machinery accidents, getting trapped, overexertion, or getting hit by a car. With all these types of […]

Overview of Hit-and-Run Accident Cases

The most recent report released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety revealed that hit-and-run accidents happen somewhere in the United States every 43 seconds. Since 2006, these types of crashes causing both injuries and fatalities have moved in an upward trend. What are hit-and-run accidents? A hit-and-run auto accident is when one of the […]

Skating Rink Injuries

child ice skating | personal injury attorney

It’s time to dust off the skates! The Rothman Ice Rink is open, along with dozens of other rinks in the area. A seasonal favorite, ice-skating is the perfect holiday activity for families, groups of friends, and maybe even a first date. Whether for fun or for sport, if you plan on heading out to […]

The Police Misconduct Provision

cop car with lights on | Police misconduct attorney

Federal Criminal Versus Civil Cases There are federal laws in place that address police misconduct on both the criminal and civil levels that protect all persons in the United States. In a criminal case, the case filed with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is brought against the accused person, whereas in a civil case, […]

Weed Killer Cancer Lawsuit

Roundup weed killer being sprayed | product liability attorney

One California couple was diagnosed with cancer after using Roundup weed killer and was awarded over $2 billion in early May. In this particular case, the evidence was telling given that neither party is related and neither party has a family history of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Although major public health agencies have disagreed over the direct […]

Construction Sites & Pedestrians

construction beam on building | pedestrian accident attorney

Working on a construction site is known to have a certain level of risk that comes with the job. However, construction site injuries can happen to anyone, not just the people working on the site. Construction sites, especially those in cities, create an environment which makes pedestrians on the surrounding sidewalks susceptible to injury. It […]