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Construction Sites & Pedestrians

construction beam on building | pedestrian accident attorney

Working on a construction site is known to have a certain level of risk that comes with the job. However, construction site injuries can happen to anyone, not just the people working on the site. Construction sites, especially those in cities, create an environment which makes pedestrians on the surrounding sidewalks susceptible to injury. It is crucial for construction companies to follow the correct safety protocol for both employees and nearby pedestrians.

Falling Objects

Injuries from contact with falling objects is the most common type of injury suffered by pedestrians. Often times, these injuries result from insufficient barricades, insufficient signage, failing to inspect equipment, or failing to secure tools and other equipment.

  • Insufficient Barricades – Barriers set up by the construction company should account for the possibility of falling objects. In areas where falling objects are not a threat, a barrier closer to the site may be sufficient. However, if the potential for object to fall is present, the barrier must be set at an even further distance from the construction site.
  • Insufficient Signage – No matter the scale of the project, warning signs must be clearly visible to pedestrians. Especially in areas where falling objects can occur, signs from a construction accident attorney that explicitly deter access to those without the correct protective gear must be displayed.
  • Failing to Inspect Equipment – Debris during a demolition is foreseeable. However, falling debris can also occur when hooks, cords, and other devices used to secure objects to large construction equipment becomes old and weak. Equipment, such as cranes and hoists must be inspected regularly.
  • Failing to Secure Tools & Other Equipment – The “falling debris” is often tools that are unsecure. Workers must only carry what they can safely handle or wear a toolbelt to secure additional items.

Trips, Slips, and Falls

Pedestrians walking near construction sites are also prone to injuries from tripping, slipping, or falling. These injuries can also result from insufficient barricade or signage. In addition, unattended tools or equipment can lead to these types of injuries.

  • Insufficient Barricades – Barricades must be set up to prevent pedestrians from entering any part of the construction site that could cause them harm. This includes keeping them a safe distance from tools, equipment, debris, and any hazardous conditions, such as uncovered holes.
  • Insufficient Signage – Warning or caution signs should be displayed all around the construction areas. It should not be questionable whether a person is entering or near a construction site. In addition to barriers, signs should be displayed giving pedestrians sufficient warning before they actually come across the hazard.
  • Unattended Tools & Equipment – Workers, tools, and equipment are constantly coming in and out of a construction site. During the transition process from one phase of a project to another, particularly, it is not uncommon for a piece of equipment to be set temporarily outside of the construction site. During this period, a designated worker must attend the piece of equipment at all times or additional barricades and signage must be placed.

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