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Philadelphia Intersection Accident Lawyer

Helping Victims of a Devastating Vehicle Collision

Why do so many traffic accidents occur at intersections? Multiple vehicles, along with pedestrians and cyclists, are going in different directions. Drivers must pay careful attention to all of the hazards around them including traffic accident cases. If a driver makes a mistake or has a lapse in judgment, they can easily cause devastating damage. Intersection wrecks can be especially dangerous due to the speed differences between vehicles that are stopped or turning and those that are traveling through the intersection.

A Philadelphia intersection collisions lawyer can help you after a devastating collision. Philadelphia is home to some of the most dangerous intersections in the nation, and injuries from these kinds of accidents can be severe.

If you or someone you love has been struck by another driver, we can help. The Cochran Firm, known for their expertise as both Philadelphia intersection and truck accident lawyer, can determine who was at fault for the accident and provide legal advice to help victims file a claim for damages suffered.

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The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia — Why Choose Us?

Intersection Accident Attorney Protecting Your Rights

Robert Miller is the leader and senior partner of The Cochran Firm, a team of experienced Philadelphia intersection accident lawyers. Mr. Miller is a member of the American, Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Associations — professional organizations advocating for the interests of injury victims. His reputation for thorough case preparation and incisive attention to detail has made him one of Pennsylvania’s most respected intersection accident lawyers.

Mr. Miller is also a member in good standing of the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Philadelphia Bar Associations and is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He has represented many victims just like you in mediation and in the courts.

The Cochran Firm legal team understands what you and your family are going through, and your intersection accident lawyers will be there each step of the process, from explaining how we could build your case through what to expect as the suit progresses. You may have a long road to recovery, but with the help of your Philadelphia intersection accident lawyer, you can rest and concentrate on healing, trusting us to handle the legal paperwork and communications with the other party.

The Common Kinds of Intersection Accidents in Philadelphia

A collision can happen at any intersection, whether its a controlled intersection with a traffic light or stop sign or an uncontrolled intersection where drivers must follow Pennsylvania rules for right of way to determine who must yield. The kinds of injuries suffered by victims depend largely on the cause of the collision:

  • Running a Stop Sign or a Red Light: When other drivers have the right of way and move forward, they don’t expect another car to keep going through the intersection.
  • Failing to Yield the Right of Way: Drivers are expected to follow traffic rules, and failure to do so could mean the driver who didn’t is responsible for the collision.
  • Speeding Through a Yellow Light: Instead of slowing down for a red light, some drivers try to beat it and start traveling at unsafe speed.
  • Driving While Distracted: Whether they are using a phone, eating, or simply not paying attention to the flow of traffic or the traffic signal, distracted drivers can cause many kinds of accidents.

At intersections, drivers should be paying close attention to what others on the road are doing. Unfortunately, too many drivers do not — and that’s when intersection collisions happen. Some types of accidents that happen at Philadelphia street intersections include:

  • Rear-End Collisions: One driver hits a stopped or slowed vehicle in front of them; these are usually the fault of the person behind who is following too closely or fails to notice when the vehicle in front of them changes speed.
  • Head-On Collision: Two drivers collide, hitting the fronts of their vehicles together; these crashes happen at intersections where two drivers try to go through at the same time.
  • T-Bone Crashes: Cars collide in a T-shape, as one car is struck on the side by another driver head-on; these are common when one driver turns left while another car goes through the intersection. If you’ve been in such a car crash, consult a car crash lawyer. They can provide legal guidance and protect your rights
  • Pedestrian or Cyclist Wrecks: A driver fails to stop at a crosswalk or other marked pedestrian crossing location.

You shouldn’t have to bear the financial burden of a wreck when you followed the rules of the road but another driver did not.

Our Philadelphia intersection collisions lawyer could help, whether your accident was a fender-bender or a catastrophic wreck. Call (800) 969-4400 today to learn more.

An Intersection Collision Can Have Life-Changing Consequences

A Philadelphia Intersection Accident Attorney Can Help You Recover Compensatory Damages for Your Injuries

Car accidents can cause injuries from head to toe. The kind of collision you were involved in will affect what injuries you are likely to suffer. Some of the most common injuries that our intersection accident attorneys seek compensation for include:

  • Whiplash (a violent back-and-forth motion of the head that causes strains and overstretching of the neck muscles, tendons, and ligaments)
  • Internal organ damage from blunt force trauma to the abdomen
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Spinal cord injuries, including partial or total paralysis
  • Facial injuries like lacerations, broken noses, or broken eye sockets
  • Back injuries like pulled muscles or herniated discs.

Some of the most devastating injuries that can happen during a car wreck affect the brain. With a concussion or traumatic brain injury, the impact of the wreck causes the brain to hit the inside of the skull. This impact causes swelling, bleeding, and other damage, commonly leading to short- or long-term cognitive issues.

Unfortunately, many car accident victims experience multiple injuries in an intersection collision, and recovery can be long and painful. They may require surgery or need occupational and physical therapy to regain their ability to walk or move properly. Some people may have their lives forever changed, with chronic pain, reduced mobility, or even an injury so severe that they are unable to live independently and care for themselves.

Establishing Liability in a Car Accident

Your Philadelphia Intersection Accident Attorney Can Help You Achieve Justice

Medical bills from an intersection collision can add up quickly. You may require emergency treatment and a stay in the hospital immediately after the accident, and then long-term physical therapy to help you recover. Some people may require surgery, which can be expensive, and have a long recovery time. Even with health insurance, the cost of treating your injuries can be substantial.

In addition to the medical bills, many accident victims miss work to recover from their injuries. The missed wages from work can affect your family’s financial situation. If your injuries are severe, you may not be able to work in your current job anymore, which could mean a reduction in your income as you adapt to a career change.

People with severe brain injuries from a car wreck may experience cognitive decline or permanent changes in their cognitive abilities. Chronic headaches, difficulty concentrating or remembering, and personality changes are common with brain injuries. Family members may have to become caregivers, or the victim may have such severe brain damage that they must live in a special care home.

The driver who caused the collision may be liable for the damages and injuries you suffered. If they are, you should seek compensation for your medical care and the wages you missed from work. You may also be entitled to compensation for the emotional trauma or mental distress you may feel after the crash. The Philadelphia intersection accident lawyers at The Cochran Firm can work to build a case of liability against the other driver to help you get the financial justice you deserve.

What to Do After an Intersection Vehicle Collision

The minutes right after a car wreck are painful, confusing, and chaotic. You’re probably hurt and worried about your condition or that of your passengers. Getting medical attention is the first thing to do after a collision, so call 911 for help right away. The first responders know what kind of injuries to look for after a wreck, even if you don’t feel badly hurt.

The police arrive after the wreck and will collect information about the crash, including the location, date, time, and road conditions. They also interview witnesses and determine the cause of the crash. Your Philadelphia intersection collisions lawyer will need this information to help establish fault on the part of the other driver.

Although your first thoughts after a car accident likely aren’t, “I need to call a car accident lawyer,” it’s something that you should think about fairly soon. It’s something that you should think about fairly soon. Pennsylvania has a statute of limitations for filing a car accident injury suit, which is two years from the date of the accident. If you don’t file your suit in time, the judge will likely dismiss it — even if you have a strong argument. Your intersection collision lawyer ensures that all legal filings are completed on time and correctly.

FAQs for Our Philadelphia Intersection Collisions Lawyer

Important Things to Know About Your Car Accident Lawsuit

The circumstances of each car collision are unique, so we evaluate your situation and provide legal advice to meet your individual needs. However, car wrecks share many commonalities, and many of our clients ask these questions about their cases.

If the other driver’s insurance company offered me a settlement, why do I need an intersection collision lawyer?

The insurance adjuster for the other driver will try to settle your case for as little as possible — if they don’t deny it outright. Your lawyer will fight for a settlement large enough to cover all of your medical costs, lost wages from work, and other expenses.

How much will a Philadelphia intersection accident attorney cost?

Our attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means that we only assess legal fees if we win your case. If we don’t win, we don’t get paid.

How much is my car accident claim worth?

In most cases, someone who was seriously hurt or suffered permanent physical damage will receive a higher settlement than someone who wasn’t hurt very badly. We will seek a settlement that fairly covers all of your losses from the wreck.

Will I have to be in court for my case?

We try to settle car accident claims in mediation or through a demand letter. But if we cannot get a fair resolution in those ways, then, yes, we will litigate your case in a trial. Your lawyer from The Cochran Firm will advise you on what to expect and what to do and say in court. You are not alone.

I think I may have caused the accident. Do I still have a case?

You might believe that you contributed to the accident, but it’s in your best interests to trust the judgment of our legal team and call us for a consultation. We analyze the facts of your wreck and will give you our experienced, professional opinion on whether you have a case.

We know that you probably have many more questions, and The Cochran Firm of Philadelphia has answers. We look at your unique situation and provide advice that you can count on, answering your questions at each step in the process.

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Have you been hurt in an intersection collision in Philadelphia? The Cochran Firm can help. Our legal team has the depth of knowledge of Pennsylvania car accident liability laws and experience litigating cases like yours that clients rely on. We conduct an independent investigation of your accident to find the parties involved and hold them accountable.

We skillfully build your claim using facts and the law and present it before a judge and jury, if needed. Our lawyers are trained negotiators and are ready to vigorously represent your interests when dealing with the other party, their lawyer, and their insurance company.

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