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Painkiller & Drug Overdose Lawyers

When Medications Harm Rather Than Help

Patients must trust their healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies regarding prescription and over-the-counter medications. A drug injury claim and lawsuit are possible when a medicine harms rather than helps and negligence is a factor.

Dangerous drugs can forever change your quality of life and even cause death. If you suffered unnecessary illness, pain, or loss due to a preventable drug injury, seek legal help today.

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry aggressively fights civil claims and lawsuits. Do not attempt to manage your case against them alone. Consider contacting a Philadelphia drug injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Why Choose Us?

A drug injury involving negligence is a frightening, frustrating, and maddening experience.  Choosing the right Philadelphia drug lawyer for your experience is crucial for holding those responsible accountable for their actions.

Robert S. Miller is the civil lawyer you want by your side during this difficult time. Best described as dedicated and determined, Mr. Miller is widely respected throughout the Philadelphia legal community.

Mr. Miller understands drug injury victims and their family’s heartbreak and hardships. When these challenges result from negligence, he seeks to help you with your pursuit of compensation and justice.

Education, experience, and skills are just a part of what makes Mr. Miller a strong attorney. He strives to make each client feel as comfortable as possible with the legal process.

Proving negligence in a drug injury case involves establishing liability by investigating the what, how, why, and who of your case. Mr. Miller brings a firm resolve to help those harmed by the negligence of others. In addition to aggressively fighting for your rights, he treats you with respect and compassion.

Attorney Robert S. Miller is a proud team member of The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia. A drug injury case requires a lawyer who will stand up for and by you from Day One. If you or a loved one suffered severe harm from a drug injury, contact Mr. Miller today for a free case consultation.

A drug injury can profoundly change your quality of life. A Philadelphia drug injury lawyer can help you fight for your deserved compensation.

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Drug Injury vs. Drug Side Effects

Most prescription and over-the-counter medications come with one or more side effects. Distinguishing between a drug injury and drug side effects is vital in drug injury cases.

Pharmaceutical companies typically perform clinical trials before seeking approval for drugs from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Any known and possible side effects are generally included with drug submissions.

It is often what the pharmaceutical companies leave out of their reporting that can result in severe drug injuries and deaths. What a company or medical professional knew and when they knew it is key to preventing the same damage or loss from affecting others.

No one should place profits over people. The rush to get a product to the marketplace should not harm consumers. Nor should hiding information about possible drug injuries to protect pharmaceutical profits. These actions are unjust and worthy of civil action.

Dangerous Drugs and the Negative Impact on Your Body

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs treat a variety of ailments and conditions. From acne and anti-depressants to diet pills and arthritis medication, the right medication can help improve your condition.

It is when a dangerous drug changes your health in a drastic way that you can suffer a drug injury. The negative and sometimes life-threatening side effects of a drug injury include:

  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Liver damage
  • Kidney damage
  • Pulmonary dysfunction
  • Increased risk of suicide.

This is not a complete list of the possible effects of a dangerous drug. However, this list contains examples of potentially life-threatening conditions. One or more of these conditions can gravely affect your quality of life.

A drug injury is more than a side effect — it is the harmful outcome of undisclosed dangers. Had you or a prescriber known of the severe dangers, you most likely would not have taken the drug.

Philadelphia drug injury victims face a difficult road of treatments, procedures, and appointments. Compensation for the disruption to their life and the impact on their health is where a drug injury lawyer can help.

You know your body best. If you suspect your medical condition or loss is due to a dangerous drug, contact a Philadelphia drug accident lawyer without delay. Your lawyer can review your information and determine the best approach to your case.

Your Philadelphia Drug Injury Damages

Patients who suffer drug injuries can face a significant setback with their health. They must not only deal with the effects of the drug injury but also continue to suffer from the original ailment.

Drug injury victims may require or experience:

  • Surgical procedures to correct the harm
  • Intensive illness or complications that make working impossible
  • Long-term therapies or rehabilitation
  • Financial difficulty due to lost income and new medical bills
  • Mental anguish, depression, and other emotional and psychological issues.

This list contains just a few examples of the types of damages drug injury victims experience. The examples demonstrate how a drug injury can compound your medical and financial problems.

What happened to you or a loved one is not fair. A loved one may never return to being the person you remember from before the injury. Some loved ones do not survive their drug injury. Knowing that the suffering was preventable is another reason to contact an attorney.

A Philadelphia drug accident lawyer helps drug accident victims fight for compensation by pursuing a fair settlement from insurance companies. If the negotiation process fails to produce the results they seek, the right lawyer is unafraid to take your case to trial.

Attorney Robert S. Miller has the negotiation and trial skills necessary for a drug injury case. If you or a loved one suffered beyond a drug’s known side effects, seek help today. A free case consultation leaves you with nothing to lose and the opportunity to learn your legal options.

Drug Injury and Philadelphia Wrongful Death

The loss of a close loved one due to a drug injury can leave you in shock. The intense grief you feel is something no amount of compensation can ease.

For those who lose a spouse, the loss of income they contributed to the household creates an unexpected financial burden.  Pursuing a wrongful death claim and lawsuit can help ease the burden. While compensation is never guaranteed, a successful case can result in a settlement or an award of compensation.

A Philadelphia wrongful death attorney can help you fight for such damages as:

  • Final medical expenses relating to your loved one’s harmful drug injury
  • Memorial or funeral and burial costs
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future wage earnings
  • Loss of inheritance for surviving children
  • Non-economic damages such as loss of companionship.

Pennsylvania law allows surviving spouses, children, or the victim’s parents to pursue wrongful death litigation. The highly emotional time following a tragic loss makes managing your case alone extremely difficult.

If you lost a close loved one due to a drug injury, take action by securing a Philadelphia drug accident lawyer Robert S. Miller today. Mr. Miller will treat you with compassion as you mourn your loss.

The death of a loved one due to a drug injury is unacceptable. Contact a Philadelphia drug injury lawyer today to learn about your wrongful death options.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not uncommon for drug injury victims to feel overwhelmed by their situation. The following frequently asked questions regarding drug injuries and civil action can help you decide your next step:

How do I know whether I’m suffering a drug injury or a side effect?

When experiencing any medical distress, it is imperative to seek medical attention immediately. A medical professional can diagnose your condition, and your visit is essential documentation for a potential civil case.

Can I accept an insurance company settlement now and sue later?

No. If an insurance company offers you a settlement now, do not accept it. Instead, contact a Philadelphia drug injury lawyer before signing or accepting any financial offers.

How long does a drug injury case take?

There is no way to predict an exact timeline for your drug injury case. Fighting for the best outcome possible is crucial for your future financial needs and requires patience.

Will my drug injury case go to trial?

A majority of civil cases settle without ever going to trial. Whether your case goes to trial depends upon several factors, as each case is unique.

Can I delay my drug injury claim and lawsuit?

Due to the statute of limitations, you must file your drug injury lawsuit quickly. State law allows two years for personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits — not much time when you suffer severe harm or loss.

Insurance companies may appear eager to offer you a settlement. The motive behind their eagerness is to close your claim for the least amount possible. A quickly closed claim and protecting profits is their ultimate goal.

While there is no way to predict the future, ensuring you have the funds necessary should your condition worsen is vital for quality medical care.

Get the help you need from an experienced Philadelphia drug injury lawyer. Having a lawyer on your side protects your best interests against unfair insurance company tactics.

A free case consultation is the first step toward answering your legal questions. If you suffered unfairly due to a drug injury, help is available from a Philadelphia drug injury lawyer.

Your Philadelphia Drug Injury Lawyer

Pharmaceutical and medical professionals who hide information regarding possible drug injuries must face accountability. The large and powerful insurance companies and lawyers representing the medical industry are no match for those unfamiliar with Pennsylvania civil law.

Your drug injuries or loss are more than enough on your shoulders. The stress of your situation and your need for rest leave no time for intricate legal details. A Philadelphia drug injury lawyer can keep you informed as they manage the negotiations, court paperwork, phone calls, and other necessary parts of your case.

A drug injury lawyer has your back as they fight for compensation on your behalf. Your lawyer works with you and will never accept a settlement without consulting you first.

Ease your mind and get much-needed rest by fighting with help from a Philadelphia drug injury lawyer. Your lawyer will not stop until they secure the best possible outcome of your case.

If a pharmaceutical company hid drug dangers from consumers, they may face liability for your drug injury. Get help from a Philadelphia drug lawyer today.

Contact The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia Today

The Cochran Law Firm in Philadelphia operates on a long tradition of service for accident and injury victims. For more than 40 years, our team has helped victims of negligence pursue justice and compensation for their damages.

Drug injuries are a serious legal matter. The long-term harm possible due to negligence is unacceptable. While you may feel confused about what to do next, it is crucial that you take action as soon as possible.

Proving a medical provider or pharmaceutical company deviated from the accepted duty of care is no easy task. Investigating what went wrong takes time, something not on your side. Should the statute of limitations expire before you file a lawsuit, you generally have no further legal options.

Do not miss your chance for accountability. Pursue the compensation you are entitled to with help from attorney Robert S. Miller. You can help Mr. Miller by gathering all evidence and information about your case. Helpful evidence and information includes such items as medical records, contact information for witnesses or providers, and photograph or video evidence. Refer aggressive insurance adjusters to your attorney. Remember, their goal is to protect their best interests, not yours.

A free case consultation awaits you at The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia. Contact us today at 800-969-4499. You will find our staff caring and approachable. Let us help you with your Philadelphia drug injury claim and lawsuit.