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Philadelphia Anesthesia Error Lawyer

When you need a Philadelphia anesthesia error lawyer, you need someone with experience, sensitivity, and the determination to get you the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys can help you get your life back after a catastrophic malpractice.

It’s no secret that major medical procedures — especially those that require sedation — can be anxiety-inducing for many. You are putting your life not just in the hands of the surgeon and the nurses, but also the anesthesiologist. If the anesthesiologist does not do their due diligence when administering the sedative, it can have a profound impact on your life.

Anesthesia errors can, in minor cases, make you sick and require a stay at the hospital overnight. In more serious cases, they can cause a heart attack, stroke, brain damage, or even death.

Let The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia help you get back on your feet after an anesthesia error.

If you seek compensation from a hospital or medical professional after an anesthesia error, a Philadelphia anesthesia error attorney at The Cochran Firm can help you. We will not only fight for your right to compensation but help you get on the road to recovery — financially and emotionally.

Types of Anesthesia Errors

Anesthesia is a precise science. If the dosage amount is slightly off, or if the wrong sedative is administered to the patient, it can have drastic consequences. For instance, dosage errors are among the most common anesthesia errors. If too little is administered, the patient can wake up in the middle of their procedure. If too much is administered, they may overdose.

Some other errors that occur when administering anesthesia include:

  • Delay in delivery
  • Negligence in patient monitoring
  • Prolonged sedation
  • Failure to catch complications
  • Failure to communicate instructions to the patient
  • Miscommunication with the medical professionals in the operating room
  • Malfunctioning equipment
  • Turning off warning alarms
  • Allowing the anesthesia machine near hot surgical equipment.

Is Your Philadelphia Anesthesia Error a Case of Medical Malpractice?

Anesthesia errors are often considered medical malpractice, but you must be able to prove that the error was due to the negligence of a medical professional or facility. If you eat a big breakfast before coming in for surgery despite being warned not to eat for 12 hours before the surgery and you have a bad reaction to the anesthesia, this is not the fault of the anesthesiologist. However, if someone fails to give you instructions about not eating before surgery, or if the anesthesiologist fails to notice your poor reaction, this could count as medical malpractice.

Your Philadelphia anesthesia error attorney at The Cochran Firm will work to prove the following facts:

  • That the medical professional or facility had a duty of care to you
  • That they failed in their duty of care through their anesthesia error
  • That the anesthesia error is, in fact, what caused your complications, injuries, or condition
  • You suffered damages as a result of your injury or complications.

Only if all four of these points can be proven will your situation count as a medical malpractice case.

Unsure if your anesthesia error case in Philadelphia counts as medical malpractice? Call The Cochran Firm today to discuss! 800-969-4400.

If you are unsure whether your case is an example of medical malpractice, the best plan is to reach out to a Philadelphia anesthesia malpractice attorney for a consultation. By going over the details of your case with a professional, you can determine the best plan forward. An anesthesia error attorney can give you an idea of how your case might hold up in court or a settlement, as well as what damages you can sue for.

How Can The Cochran Firm In Philadelphia Help With Your Case?

If you are the victim of medical malpractice, you are likely entitled to compensation for the financial and emotional damages caused by the incident. You may be burdened with medical bills and stress from lost wages, on top of the emotional pain from changes in your life. You may want justice for what happened to you. This is where our team of attorneys at The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia can help.

Legally, there is nothing stopping you from representing yourself in court. However, there are a number of reasons why it is a bad idea. Pro se plaintiffs (plaintiffs who represent themselves) only win 4% of cases against defendants who have legal representation. If you sue a medical facility, you can bet that they will come to the settlement or court proceeding with legal representation. Representing yourself is also a time-consuming and stress-inducing effort, in a time when emotions are already running high.

Let our Philadelphia anesthesia error lawyers take the burden off you. We can help by:

  • Gathering evidence for your case, including witness statements, medical reports and bills
  • Offering advice and support while helping you build your case against the defendants
  • Find legal precedents that may help strengthen your rights to compensation
  • Settle your case through mediation or take the case to court if the other side refuses to agree to a fair settlement
  • Handle your case with compassion and sensitivity while fighting passionately for your right to compensation.

Why Choose The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia?

What sets The Cochran Firm apart from other medical malpractice law firms in Philadelphia? Our attorneys. In particular, Philadelphia anesthesia error lawyer Robert S. Miller has built a career focusing on personal injury.

Throughout his career, Robert Miller has been known for his attention to detail and meticulous preparation. The result is medical malpractice cases with a solid foundation that hold up both in settlements and at trial. In addition to being a member of the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Philadelphia Bar Associations, he is a member of the American, Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Associations.

When you are the victim of a medical malpractice, it can be a time of high stress and emotion. You may feel as though your life has been turned upside down. The last thing you need is to be treated like you’re just a number for your legal team. When you work with The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia, we’ll never treat you like just another paycheck.

We appreciate that you are likely in pain and distress because of what happened to you. We will treat your case with compassion and sensitivity while we help you to receive the compensation you deserve and need to move on with your life.

FAQs About Anesthesia Error Cases in Philadelphia

This is likely your first time dealing with an anesthesia error in Philadelphia. You probably have many questions. We’re here to answer them.

What are some common injuries that can result from anesthesia errors?

Anesthesia error injuries can vary both by the type of harm suffered and the severity. Some potential injuries are:

  • Asphyxiation
  • Becoming conscious during surgery
  • Birth defects
  • Brain injury
  • Heart attack or stroke
  • Paralysis or coma
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Death.

Who is responsible after an anesthesia error injury in Philadelphia?

There are a few people who can be held responsible after your anesthesia error injury in Philadelphia. If the doctor fails to provide you clear instructions or fails to communicate your needs accurately to the anesthesiologist, you may sue the doctor responsible for the treatment. If the error was made on the part of the anesthesiologist or the nursing staff, they can be held legally liable.

If the medical equipment is faulty and outdated or if the medical team was poorly trained, the medical facility can be held responsible. If the error is a fault in the manufacturing, the manufacturer of the equipment can be sued. Your anesthesia error attorney in Philadelphia will go over the details of your case with you to determine who should be held liable. Sometimes there are multiple parties responsible.

Can you sue in Philadelphia if anesthesia doesn’t work?

If your anesthesia didn’t work or if you woke up during your surgery, this is called “anesthesia awareness.” It likely means you weren’t given a high enough dosage of anesthesia. Besides this, your surgeon, nursing staff, and anesthesiologist are meant to monitor you during the operation. They should notice that the anesthesia is wearing off and take action before you become conscious again.

What damages can I collect in an anesthesia error case in Philadelphia? 

In Philadelphia, you can collect both economic and noneconomic damages for personal injury cases. Economic damages cover things like medical bills, lost wages, disability, and funeral expenses. Noneconomic damages cover pain and suffering, emotional distress, inconvenience, loss of quality of life, and loss of companionship. In cases of gross negligence, the court may award punitive damages on top of the traditional damages. Punitive damages are meant to punish defendants for gross negligence and to dissuade them from making the same choice.

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