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Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Lawyers

To Err is Human, But When the Error Causes Harm, it is to Be Compensated™

No one expects to be harmed by the very people who are supposed to help us heal, but unfortunately, medical mistakes are all too common. Every year, thousands of people are injured or killed as a result of negligence by healthcare providers. While most medical professionals strive to provide the best possible care, the fact is that mistakes will always be made. And when those mistakes cause harm to patients, those responsible must be held accountable.

Too often, victims of medical negligence suffer in silence, not knowing where to turn for help. But there are experienced medical malpractice attorneys in Philadelphia who can help guide you through this difficult time and fight for the compensation you deserve. If you or someone you love has been harmed by a healthcare provider, don’t hesitate to contact a medical malpractice lawyer at The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia for help.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a medical error, it’s important to seek legal counsel from a qualified Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer. Contact us today at 800-969-4400 for a free consultation
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5 Ways a Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Attorney Can Help Right Now

It is estimated that medical errors cause over 250,000 deaths each year in the United States, which now accounts for the third leading cause of death in the U.S. Medical errors that cause injuries have devastating consequences for patients and their families. In addition to physical injuries, medical malpractice mistakes can also lead to large financial burdens, emotional trauma, and death.

The medical malpractice lawyers of The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia understand how difficult it can be to deal with the aftermath of injuries from medical malpractice. You may be facing additional surgeries, suffering from missed diagnoses, having serious drug interactions, or going through complications from unreported mistakes. You want the pain and suffering to stop, and you need an attorney who will get results. Here are five ways the malpractice lawyers at The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia can help right now:

  • We will quickly schedule a one-on-one consultation with a medical malpractice attorney. Call 800-969-4400 or use our contact form to schedule an appointment for a free consultation. We will answer your questions and provide you with legal guidance.
  • We will do an immediate investigation. A medical malpractice attorney will thoroughly investigate the negligence that led to your injuries. This includes obtaining medical records, interviewing witnesses, and getting a second opinion.
  • We will protect your rights. We will review the date of injury and file a lawsuit if necessary to preserve your day in court. Protecting your rights also includes making sure that you have not been taken advantage of by the insurance company or your doctor.
  • We will stop the bill collectors. A medical malpractice lawyer can help now by stopping any bill collectors related to your medical malpractice claim from harassing you.
  • We will get you to the right doctor. We will first work to ensure that you are receiving the best possible medical care. We will help you find the right doctors who can provide the treatment you need to recover from your injuries.

If you have been a victim of medical malpractice, don’t hesitate to contact one of our medical malpractice attorneys today. With our help, you can get the care and compensation you need to move forward with your life. Call 800-969-4400 for a free consultation.

Why Hire the Cochran Law Firm in Philadelphia?

1. Any Lawyer can bring a lawsuit, but do they have what it takes to win?

You need an attorney who has the experience, knowledge, resources, and preparation skills to give you the best chance at winning your medical malpractice lawsuit. The hospital or insurance company will have a team of lawyers representing them, and you need an attorney who can not only match their level of expertise but win the battle. We understand the complex laws surrounding medical negligence cases, and we know how to build a strong case on your behalf. The medical malpractice lawyers at the Cochran Firm in Philadelphia have helped many clients win their medical malpractice lawsuits.

2. We break down medical malpractice walls and find evidence

As medical malpractice attorneys, we have seen firsthand the culture of silence that exists within the medical profession in Pennsylvania. When errors are made, there is often a reluctance to report mistakes or share information with the patient even when it’s in the patient’s best interest. One of the biggest challenges in a medical malpractice lawsuit is to uncover evidence of a documented medical mistake. According to Pennsylvania law, reporting incidents of medical misconduct is mandatory; however, underreporting and even non-reporting medical negligence is common.

Doctors and hospitals are afraid of being sued if they admit something went wrong, and insurance companies don’t want juries to see medical records disclosing errors because they fear juries will award large sums to injured plaintiffs. What the healthcare industry doesn’t understand is that when evidence of hidden medical malpractice is exposed by our attorneys, a jury is certainly more likely to award a large verdict because it looks like a coverup, and the doctor appears to be dishonest.

3. Clarity and human connection

People don’t hire The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia just to represent them in their medical malpractice cases – people also hire us because of our outstanding record of providing excellent service and the human connection we have with our clients.

The No. 1 complaint lawyers get is failure to communicate. We know that our clients need regular updates on their cases, so we make sure to provide our clients with consistent case updates. We also return phone calls within one business day, so you can always get the clear answers you need in a timely manner. Additionally, we maintain confidentiality and loyalty to our clients while keeping honest and transparent communication.

We understand that when you come to us for help, you are entrusting us with a very important part of your life. We want to get to know you and we want to know how your medical malpractice injury has changed your life. As your Philadelphia personal injury lawyers, we want to help you heal and be there for you during this difficult time – not just in the courtroom – but in your life as well.

4. Access to justice

We believe that everyone should have access to justice, regardless of their financial situation. That’s why we offer to take medical malpractice cases on a contingency basis, which means that we don’t charge any fees unless we win your case. We understand that many people are reluctant to pursue legal action because they’re worried about the cost. By taking cases on a contingency basis, we can help more people in Philadelphia get justice for their medical injuries and help give them the peace to start over again with the support of an experienced accident law firm.

On the other hand, working on a contingency basis gives us a strong incentive to win every case we take on. If we don’t obtain a favorable outcome for our clients, we don’t get paid. More importantly, taking cases on a contingency basis allows us to build trusting relationships with our clients. They know that we get paid only if they do, so our clients can be confident that we are always working in their best interests.

The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia is a compassionate and knowledgeable law firm. Contact one of our medical malpractice attorneys to discuss your case today at 800-969-4400

What Are Some Causes of Medical Malpractice in Philadelphia?

Do No Harm and Do All You Can to Prevent Harm to Others

While medical mistakes can happen in many different ways, the following are some of the most common causes of medical malpractice:

  • Fatigue
  • Distraction
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Physician burnout
  • Inexperience
  • Lack of communication between medical professionals
  • Inadequate equipment or calibration
  • Poor communication with patients
  • Not following protocols
  • Failure to follow up
  • Improper hygiene
  • Financial incentives
  • Faulty devices
  • Impatience
  • Defective drugs.

Overworked and exhausted doctors are more likely to make mistakes. To prevent burnout, it’s important for hospitals and clinics to properly staff their facilities, ensure that doctors have adequate rest between shifts, and take steps to reduce doctors’ and nurses’ stress levels.

When critical information is missed or misinterpreted, errors in diagnosis or treatment can occur. In some cases, this type of communication breakdown can be the result of poorly designed systems or protocols. Other times, it may simply be the result of individual healthcare providers’ not taking the time to properly communicate with each other.

Last, financial incentives can also play a role in causing medical malpractice. In certain scenarios, doctors may be pressured to see more patients than they can safely handle. This also puts a strain on nurses who administer medicine and relay critical information.

Any one of the causes of medical malpractice conditions can lead to errors in judgment, decision-making, and communication. As a result, patients may receive inappropriate or substandard care leading to mistakes and negligence.

Whatever the cause of your suffering is, the medical malpractice lawyers at The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia can hold accountable those who were responsible for your injuries. Contact an experienced attorney for a free consultation today at 800-969-4400.

Emergency Room Medical Malpractice in Philadelphia

It’s well-known that the emergency room (ER) is a high-pressure environment and is chaotic by nature. There is a constant stream of patients coming in and out, and the staff is continually trying to keep up. ER doctors are often managing multiple patients at once and are subject to frequent interruptions. These conditions can lead to errors in patient care and ultimately medical malpractice-related injuries and deaths.

The most common errors include prescribing the wrong medication, making a wrong diagnosis, or performing a procedure on the wrong patient. These mistakes can have devastating consequences. Many families have lost loved ones due to medical errors in the ER, and many patients have been left with permanent injuries.

Any claim of emergency room malpractice must be thoroughly investigated to determine if there is a basis for liability. This requires collecting all documents related to the patient’s care, including everything from test results to prescriptions.

Emergency room documents, health and safety laws, and standard operating procedures must be reviewed by medical experts to see if a patient’s care fell below the standard of care. If it is found that the medical professionals or the emergency room staff fell short in their duty to the patient, then emergency room malpractice may have occurred.

We’re committed to fighting for our clients and getting them the best possible outcome. If you’re considering legal action against your doctor, please contact a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer for help at 800-969-4400.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Our Medical Malpractice Attorneys

When you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice, understandably you will have a lot of questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that our team of experienced Philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys loves to answer:

What is medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice is a legal term that is used to describe the negligence of a medical professional that results in injury or death. In order to succeed in a medical malpractice lawsuit, the plaintiff must show that the medical professional breached their duty of care and that this breach resulted in harm.

What are some common examples of medical malpractice?

Common examples of medical malpractice include birth injuries, surgical errors, misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of cancer, and failure to obtain informed consent before surgery.

How do I know if I have a medical malpractice case?

If a healthcare professional owed you a duty of care, and their actions fell below the accepted standards of medical care, and you were injured, you may have a case for medical malpractice.

How long do I have to file a medical malpractice claim?

In Pennsylvania, you need to file your medical malpractice case within two years of the date of the injury or death. However, there are some distinctions to this rule if the victim dies and the family wishes to file a wrongful death or survivorship claim.

What types of compensation can I receive?

In Pennsylvania, three main types of damages may be awarded in a medical malpractice case:

  • General damages – non-economic damages for pain and suffering
  • Special damages – economic losses such as medical bills and lost income
  • Punitive damages – awarded when the health care provider’s conduct was willful or reckless as to the rights of the victim.

Do I need an expert witness to file a medical malpractice claim in Pennsylvania?

Yes. According to the Pennsylvania Code, a Certificate of Merit must be filed with a complaint or within 60 days of filing the complaint against a healthcare provider or hospital.

Does Pennsylvania have a cap on medical malpractice damages?

Pennsylvania does not cap general or special damages; however, a court will cap punitive damages at 200% of the awarded compensatory damages.

Which healthcare providers can commit medical malpractice?

Some of the professionals in the healthcare sector subject to medical malpractice include Medical Doctors (MD), Osteopaths, Physicians Assistants, Nurses, Psychologists, Dentists, Physical Therapists, EMTs, Chiropractors, Hospitals, and Nursing Homes.

Medical errors are one of the leading challenges facing medicine today. The modern medical system is extremely complex. With all these moving parts, doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals have become disconnected from patients which in turn, has created an atmosphere where no one will openly discuss mistakes or even apologize to patients when they are harmed.

Fortunately, there are medical malpractice attorneys in Philadelphia who can get the information that victims need to help them understand how their doctor or healthcare professional was negligent, and what can be done to remedy their injuries.

When negligent healthcare providers cause victims to suffer, we hold them accountable. Contact a medical malpractice attorney in Philadelphia today at 800-969-4400.

Do I need a Medical Malpractice Attorney in Philadelphia?

We Never Give Up Until You Have Your Full and Fair Compensation

It is a sad fact that people are often injured or killed as a result of the negligence of healthcare providers. These professionals are supposed to be caring for us when we are at our most vulnerable, but all too often they make mistakes that have devastating consequences.

The medical malpractice lawyers from The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia have the necessary tools, education, experience, and preparation to see your case to a successful end. If the evidence of a medical error has been buried, we will find it. We will treat you with respect and work toward your goals for a positive outcome. We will represent you with no out-of-pocket costs, and only take our fee when we win.

If you or someone you love has been harmed by the negligence of a healthcare provider, it is important to know that you have options. We welcome you to contact us today at 800-969-4400 for a free consultation.