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Philadelphia Surgical Error Lawyer

Why Hire Our Team After You’ve Suffered A Philadelphia Surgical Error?

The Cochran Firm Will Protect Your Rights and Fight for You

Facing an emergency or planned surgery can be worrisome. Surgery, even something that doctors call “minor” surgery, has multiple risks associated with it. The vast majority of the time, the surgery goes well, and you are able to recover with a new lease on life that wouldn’t have been possible without the surgery. Other times, though, something goes terribly wrong, leading to further injuries or even a fatality. When someone in the operating room made a preventable error, reach out to our Philadelphia surgical error lawyer for help.

The team at The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia knows that most victims of surgical errors may be leery of accusing a doctor or nurse of an error. After all, these professionals have difficult jobs and do a lot of good for a lot of people. However, when a medical professional makes a mistake that leaves you with a more serious condition than you had before the surgery, you will have new hardships that should not have occurred. You deserve to receive compensation for this. Our Philadelphia surgical errors attorney is ready to represent you, even when the doctor who committed the error has a large team of lawyers.

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Why Clients Choose Our Philadelphia Surgical Error Lawyer

The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia Brings All Our Resources to Bear for Your Benefit

When victims suffer injuries because of errors that occur during a surgical procedure, it can be a chaotic situation. Depending on the kind of surgery, you can have several different doctors and medical professionals who participate at various times during the procedure. It can be tough to figure out exactly what happened if something goes wrong, let alone which person caused the error.

That is where our surgical error lawyers can help your situation. We have many years of experience representing people who suffer injuries because of medical errors. We stay up to date on traditional and new surgical procedures. We understand how they typically should work, which gives us an edge in trying to figure out where the mistake happened. We have a passion for helping victims of all kinds of medical malpractice, including surgical malpractice. We know that you need someone who understands medical jargon and who is willing to stand up for your rights. At The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia, we take pride in meeting all those criteria for our clients.

Trust Our Philadelphia Surgical Error Lawyer to Give You the Professional Representation You Deserve

Because Attorney Robert Miller has a long history of dealing with all aspects of personal injury cases, including surgical errors and other medical errors, he knows the long recovery that victims in these types of cases potentially are facing. You could be accumulating a significant amount of extra medical bills because of the additional injuries suffered in the surgical error. You also may be unable to recover your physical health for months after the mistake that occurs in surgery, leaving you unable to earn a living.

Attorney Miller wants to alleviate the worries that can come with these financial hardships. By committing to the work required to investigate the legal case on your behalf, he allows you to focus on your recovery and on time with your family. Some people who hire us want us to make all recommendations about how we should proceed from a legal standpoint, while other people want to be completely involved in every decision. We will work with you in whatever manner makes the most sense to you.

How Our Philadelphia Surgical Error Attorney Can Help Your Case

All members of our team at The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia have an important philosophy that we follow: We promise to stand by your side from the start of the case to the conclusion. After you suffer severe injuries because of a surgical mistake, it can feel like you are all alone. You may have attorneys representing the hospital or doctor badgering you about settling the case. They may try to bully you into dropping the case. That is why our Philadelphia surgical error lawyer focuses so much on supporting our clients. You did not do anything wrong, and you do not deserve this kind of treatment.

After you hire us, we take over all correspondence with the other attorneys. We do not back down when the doctor’s lawyers try to treat you unfairly. Instead, our Philadelphia surgical error attorney makes use of the significant amount of evidence we gathered during our investigation to counteract the unfair treatment you are receiving. We prepare thoroughly for any negotiations, ensuring that no occurrences in your case catch us off guard.

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Common Cases Our Surgical Error Lawyers See

Even If You Are Not Sure Whether You Have a Case, Call Our Philadelphia Surgical Error Lawyer for Advice

Certainly, your chances of suffering an injury from a surgical error are small. The National Library of Medicine estimates about 4,000 surgical errors occur in the United States each year. However, even if such errors are rare, none of those statistics matter if you are one of the unlucky people who suffer this type of injury.

After your surgical procedure, you may be unsure whether you were a victim of a surgeon’s error. You might wake up from the surgery and feel like something is wrong. Doctors may be vague about what happened as they describe some new, strange injuries. Even if uncertainty is occurring in your case, reach out to our Philadelphia surgical errors attorney. You can speak to us for free, and we will work to determine whether the facts show that you may have a case. If you choose to hire us, you do not owe us any money unless we win a settlement for you.

We Handle Cases with Both Common and Uncommon Surgical Errors

As our Philadelphia surgical error lawyer investigates your case, we first may look at whether you are suffering from any of the most common reasons that surgical errors occur. These common errors can include:

  • Failing to properly sterilize everything, leading to infection.
  • Operating on the wrong part of the body.
  • Performing the wrong surgery on you.
  • Failing to deliver the correct doses of medication before, during, or after surgery.
  • Failing to prepare for potential emergency complications during surgery.
  • Using medical professionals in the operating room who do not have the proper training.
  • Inadvertently damaging other organs or parts of the body during the surgery.
  • Leaving objects inside the body.

Occasionally, the surgical error that led to your injury will not fit under one of these common reasons. If so, our Philadelphia surgical error lawyer has the experience required to find uncommon causes for your new injuries after the surgery. We investigate every possibility thoroughly, reading your medical records and interviewing anyone who may have witnessed what we believe happened. We can track down third-party medical professionals who can provide expert testimony that can explain how a potential surgical error led to your new injuries. We will do whatever work we need to attempt to prove that you suffered injuries related to a surgical error.

What Kind of Settlement Could I Win After Surgical Malpractice?

Our Philadelphia Surgical Error Lawyer Promises to Try to Win the Best Possible Financial Settlement

Our clients often want to know what kind of settlement they could receive if we win the case. It would be unethical for us to promise that you will win a certain amount in your settlement. We may be able to estimate the range of money you could win, but we will not promise anything other than we will work as hard as we can.

When seeking a financial judgment for you, we start by seeking compensation for any medical bills you incurred related to your new injuries from the surgical error. We also can seek monetary damages for any time you have to miss at your job because of the new injuries.

We then work toward seeking financial damages that compensate you for any pain and suffering you may have. If you are experiencing a reduction in your quality of life from your new injuries, such as being unable to spend time with family and friends or losing the ability to participate in your favorite activities, we can seek damages for these items.

Should your family member die after a surgical error, we can help the family members bring a claim on behalf of the decedent for lost wages, medical costs, and pain and suffering before the death, as well as an award for loss of companionship for the family.

FAQ About Injuries Related to Errors During Surgery

Common Questions Clients Ask Our Philadelphia Surgical Errors Attorney

When clients hire The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia to represent them after a botched surgery, they understandably have a lot of questions. After all, most of them are going through a situation like this for the first time. Here are some frequent questions we receive – and our answers – related to negligent mistakes during surgery.

Why Do Philadelphia Surgical Errors Occur?

Clients often ask us why they ended up as a victim of Philadelphia surgical errors. Sometimes, the error was just a stroke of bad luck and unpreventable. Other times, the error occurs because of negligence. If you believe the error was preventable, call our Philadelphia surgical error lawyer for help.

Can Your Philadelphia Surgical Error Attorney Help If I Suffered an Injury from Anesthesia?

Many injury cases that our Philadelphia surgical error attorney handles occur from anesthesia. For example, receiving too much anesthesia can lead to ongoing confusion and disorientation, especially in older patients, according to Penn Medicine. Poor reactions to anesthesia may lead to a claim for you.

Can Your Surgical Error Lawyers Help If My Surgery Led to a Serious Infection?

One of the biggest risks in surgery is the development of an infection, which can lead to life-threatening conditions like sepsis, according to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Our surgical error lawyers are ready to help you seek damages if a doctor’s error led to your surgical infection.

Can I Bring a Claim If the Hospital Operated on the Wrong Part of My Body?

Yes! Wrong-site surgical errors are far more common than you may think, according to the American Hospital Association, possibly occurring as often in the United States as 40 times per week. Our team is ready to seek damages for you if your surgeon made this type of error.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Your Philadelphia Surgical Error Lawyer?

Our Philadelphia surgical error lawyer works on a contingency fee basis. If we do not win an award for you, you do not owe us anything. If we do win, our fee comes from a percentage of the final settlement amount in the case.

When you are facing additional injuries after Philadelphia surgical errors, it can be a confusing time. You may be unsure about your future health. When you hire The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia to represent you, we want to try to reduce some of your stress by keeping you informed and answering all your questions. Our Philadelphia surgical error lawyer will spend whatever time is required to give you the quality of service that you deserve to have.

Our Philadelphia Surgical Error Lawyer Does Not Shy Away from Tough Cases

Contact The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia Today for the Help You Need

In the days leading up to your surgical procedure, your doctors likely assured you that the process would go as smoothly as possible. Often, it does. However, if you are a surgical patient who wakes up to a nightmare of unexpected pain, a serious infection, or an incorrect outcome, you should not have to suffer without compensation.

Our Philadelphia surgical errors attorney knows how challenging it can be to recover your health after a surgeon or another medical professional makes a mistake that leaves you with additional injuries. We take pride in standing up for the victims of these types of errors. You did nothing wrong, and you deserve to have someone who is willing to stand up for you and to protect your rights.

For a free consultation, contact The Cochran Firm at 800-969-4400 as soon as possible. We fight non-stop for our clients, preparing thoroughly for every step in the case.