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Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer

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When you are injured due to the negligence of another party, you have the option of filing a personal injury claim. In many cases, you will need the assistance of an attorney if you decide to go this route. But how does one find an attorney that will give them the best chance of an outcome in their favor? Finding a personal injury lawyer is much like finding a doctor or surgeon for an upcoming procedure. Below are some tips and important questions to ask when looking for the right attorney to represent your case.

Ask for Referrals

A great place to start your search for a personal injury attorney is by asking for referrals from family or close friends. For both the practicing lawyer and you, the potential client, positive word of mouth referrals are considered highly valuable. This is because they are coming from someone you already trust and from first hand experiences. In the end, the attorney may not be the right fit for you or your case, but it is a great place to start.

Research, Research, Research

With today’s technology, you have all the information you need at your fingertips and sometimes even more than you need. Even if you were given a referral, it doesn’t hurt to do some further digging. It is important to research different attorneys online to ensure you’re choosing the right attorney for you. Additionally, cross referencing what you were told about them and what is online can be very helpful when making your decision.

What Questions Should I Be Asking?

Some of the things you want to look for are that they are licensed and in good standing in the state where your accident occurred. Additionally, don’t choose an attorney solely based on their verdict numbers, but on the types of cases that are similar to yours. You should also look into their training or continued education, as well as pricing. It is important that your attorney is up to date on their training and has current experience. The best lawyers with the highest success rates for all types of personal injury cases are not going to be cheap, so you will need to make sure you can afford the attorney as well as their specific pricing structure. Personal injury attorneys generally charge on contingency, meaning they only take a fee if there is a monetary recovery for the client. However, the percentage that the attorney collects varies.

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