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Slip and Falls on a Construction Site

construction work at bottom of ladder holding knee | work accident lawyer

Slip and fall accidents are the most common worksite injuries in the construction industry. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 6.5 million people work at approximately 252,000 construction sites in the country and the rates for fatal injuries are higher than the national average. Debris and other obstacles around the locations often cause a slip and fall accident and injuries can range from bruising to severe head lacerations.

Falls in construction are generally divided into two categories: falls on the same level and falls to a lower level. Each of these categories can result in compensation for the victimized party. Falls on the same level refers to falls on the same walking or working surface, or falls into or against objects above same surface. This usually occurs from tripping over debris or some obstacle. While no accident is pleasant, the outcomes of these types of accidents usually results in less severe injuries.

Slip and falls to a lower level refers to falls below walking or a working surface. With this type of accident, the victim falls from a significant height from one level to another. For example, these injuries can happen from a scaffold, a non-moving vehicle, or a ladder. Falls to a lower level often result in more severe injuries.

Ladders are the biggest risk factors at construction sites, contributing significantly to the prevalence of workplace injuries. Shockingly enough, 24 percent of slip and fall accidents on construction sites involve ladders, making slip and fall accidents a common type of personal injury in these environments. Ladders must extend at least 3 feet above the landing. When they are too short, they may shift or fail to provide proper support at the top. If the side rails aren’t fully supported or are not functioning properly the ladder might shift and cause a lower level injury.

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