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Common Reasons Workers’ Compensation Claims Are Denied

including common types of personal injury such as repetitive strain injuries, exposure to harmful substances, or slip and fall accidents, you are eligible for workers’ comp benefits if you are injured on the job or developed an injury due to your work conditions. However, just because you file a claim does not mean it will be approved. There are several reasons why a workers’ compensation claim may be denied.

Reasons Workers Compensation Claims Get Denied


There are specific rules when it comes to filing a workers’ compensation claim, including deadlines. In order to receive benefits, an injury or illness must be reported to your employer immediately. After that you will have to file the claim if your employer does not take care of that step for you. Time limits and deadlines for reporting injuries and filing claims differ among states, but one reason your claim may be denied is if you miss your state’s deadlines. Seeking the guidance of an Injury attorney can help you navigate the workers’ compensation process and ensure you meet all necessary deadlines.


Disputes may arise over whether your injury or illness was actually work-related. An employer may claim that you weren’t working when the injury occurred, that you were involved in some kind of misconduct at the time of the injury, or that your condition wasn’t a result of your work environment. If a dispute arises and you do not have enough evidence to back up your claim, it could get denied.


Some state laws put restrictions on eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits based on the severity of the condition. For example, some states rule out workers’ comp benefits for illness cause by long-term emotional stress at work.


If you file your claim after you have left your place of employment, it will most likely be denied. This includes firings, being laid off, or quitting. However, there are laws that forbid employers to fire an employee in retaliation for reporting a workplace injury.

Reach Out To Our Attorneys If You’ve Had A Workers’ Compensation Claim Denied

If you have been injured on the job or developed an injury or illness due to your work conditions, you are eligible for workers’ comp benefits. For advice and to ensure your claim will be successful, contact one our workers compensation lawyers at The Cochran Firm Philadelphia today.