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How Surgical Errors Can Lead to Long Recovery Times

three doctors conducting surgery | medical malpractice attorney

The number of medical malpractice cases occurring every year is estimated to be around 85,000 with the level of medical malpractice injuries approximating to be 1 million. Medical malpractice has significant effects on a patient due to its impedance on the patient’s healing process. The surgical errors made by surgeons can range anywhere from operating on the wrong patient to leaving surgical equipment inside the patient’s body.

Now, the recovery time for normal surgical operations, taking into account of the certain type of operation, is dreadful enough. Even worse, however, is having an operation performed on you and the surgeon(s) makes a surgical error inside your very own body. Continue reading on to learn more about how a surgical error (or, in other words, medical malpractice) can lead to a longer recovery time.

How a Surgical Error Delays the Overall Healing Process

Each time you go to the hospital to receive surgery, you are taking a risk. A risk that assumes there’s a chance of something going wrong because your body is in the doctor’s hands—not yours. If you have been affected by a surgical error, often considered a form of medical negligence, this can lead to an even longer recovery time than anticipated. The reason is that the healing process of your body may have begun after your first surgery, but more surgery may be needed upon realizing your surgeon made a vital error.

Ultimately, this would be receiving a double surgery for the same one operation that you initially intended to receive. And, returning to the surgical room once again means the healing process of the area receiving the operation has now reset. This, in turn, affects your overall recovery time and your ability to live your life normally. In such cases, consulting an injury lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and explore options for seeking compensation for the additional medical procedures and the impact on your recovery.

What If I Have Been Affected by a Surgical Error Made by My Surgeon?

If you or a loved one have been a victim of medical malpractice, and it has affected your recovery time, please contact The Cochran Firm Philadelphia today at (800) 969-4400 so we can fight for the compensation you deserve.