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Top Construction Related Work Injuries

seven men on stairs at construction site | Work injury attorney

The latest statistics from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration show that construction accounts for only 4% of workers in the United States, but for 21% of work-related deaths. More than half of these deaths in the construction industry were caused by the “Fatal Four,” which include falls, being stuck by an object, electrocution, and caught-in/between. The “Fatal Four” were responsible for 59.9% of construction workers’ deaths in 2017.



Falls account for the most construction site accidents resulting in death or injury. Workers are susceptible to falling from roofs, scaffolding, ladders, etc. Although they are the most common type of accident, they are just as preventable. Fall protection for construction workers is required at six feet or higher. This includes safety gear, hole covers, warning signage, and training on proper use of safety equipment.


Struck by An Object

On construction sites, workers handle many tools and loose materials at heights. These objects are often heavy and when dropped, can cause severe injuries to the victim. Heavy loads can also be dropped by cranes or fork lifts. Those at risk for being struck by such objects include other workers, site visitors, and nearby pedestrians.



Despite a declining trend, construction workers still experience high risk of death from contact with electricity. For non-electrical workers, the main cause of electrocution deaths is contact with overhead power-lines. Electrical accidents are also commonly caused by direct contact with lighting equipment or other objects (ladders, poles, cranes) that are in direct contact with a power line.



Caught-in/between accidents include workers being caught or crushed in collapsing materials. It also includes injuring resulting from workers getting caught or in between machinery. These types of injuries are preventable with proper training, engineering controls, safety protocols, and personal protective equipment.


Construction sites are innately hazardous and come with a certain level of risk for those that work on site, but still many injuries result from unsafe work conditions. If you have been injured due to the negligence of another party, contact our construction accident lawyers at The Cochran Firm Philadelphia today for a free consultation at (800) 969-4400.