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Top 10 Workplace Safety Violations

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Every year, OSHA releases the top 10 most frequently cited workplace violations reported by federal OSHA inspectors after proper inspections of various nationwide worksites. These citations are reported to alert employers, and employees, of commonly cited violations and hazards to better improve the conditions of our nation’s workplaces. If your employer does not act promptly, then, ultimately, OSHA will hand down a fine at the time of its next inspection. Seeking the assistance of an Injury law firm can provide you with the legal support needed to address workplace violations and ensure your rights are protected.

The Violations to Look for When at Your Workplace

The report found over 30,000 workplace violations throughout the nation. By law, employers are required to provide employees with safe working conditions at all times. Though, many workplaces negligently avoid these standard safety regulations. Therefore, you should be aware of the most frequently cited workplace violations and be able to identify them next time you are at your job. The following list is obtained from OSHA’s most recent report, which hopefully encourages you and your employer to improve your workplace’s current safety conditions.

    1. Fall protection
    2. Hazard communication
    3. Scaffolding
    4. Respiratory protection
    5. Lockout/tag out
    6. Powered industrial trucks
    7. Ladders
    8. Electrical – wiring methods
    9. Machine guarding
    10. Electrical – general requirements

Among the top 10 violations, falls and hazard communication are among the most common and frequent cause of injuries and deaths in the workplace. For fall protection, it is absolutely necessary that you and your fellow coworkers are provided with adequate protection equipment including safety harnesses and lines, stair railings, safety nets, and a guard rail around every elevated platform.

Also, proper hazard communication at your workplace is necessary. This includes the training your employer puts you through in order to understand your workplace’s hazard information and how to properly handle the chemicals on the job. All hazardous materials (i.e. chemicals) must be classified and labeled in order to communicate the dangers of the chemical to all employees. Please check out the full official OSHA publication here to view the Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards.

If you or a loved one are involved in a serious accident at your workplace, seek help and representation immediately because you may be entitled to recover compensation for your missed time off, injuries, and other financial difficulties. Call The Cochran Firm Philadelphia today at (215) 569-0900.