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Overloaded Truck Accident

An accident caused by an overloaded truck can profoundly change your life. Truck accident victims that survive such a crash typically face a long recovery or a permanent disability.

In addition to physical and emotional pain, victims must deal with the financial pressures that result from such a traumatic event. New expenses and diminished or lost income only compound a victim’s stress.

No trucking company should escape accountability for its negligence. An overloaded truck is a dangerous weapon when traveling Philadelphia highways and city streets. If you suffered harm or lost a loved one, seek help from a Philadelphia overloaded truck accident lawyer.

Common Causes of Overloaded Truck Accidents

The maximum load weight of any style truck is 80,000 pounds. Loads must be secured appropriately and within the weight requirements. Trucking companies and commercial truck drivers who fail to adhere to both rules are often negligent in trucking accidents.

No one should push the weight limits by overloading a truck with goods and materials.  The following common causes of overloaded truck accidents place all road users at risk for severe harm:

  • A shift in load affecting the steering
  • Extra weight on tires causing a tire blowout
  • Changes in the center of gravity leading to a rollover
  • Increased speeds on downhill roads due to overload weight
  • Loss of load due to weight constraints on security straps.

Philadelphia road users have little to no opportunity to avoid an overloaded truck accident. The traumatic impact can cause head-on, rear-end, or other devastating accidents.

If a trucking company ignored weight limit regulations to deliver more goods faster, they may be liable for your accident damages. A truck accident lawyer offers free case consultations, allowing you to learn more about your legal options.

Trucking companies that disregard weight limit regulations must face accountability for the harm that results. Contact The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia today if you suffered severe injuries or lost a close loved one due to an overloaded truck.

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Why Choose Us?

Tradition, reputation, and experience

The Cochran Firm has a long-standing tradition of helping Philadelphia accident victims. For those who suffer harm due to overloaded trucks, we are unafraid to take on the trucking industry and their insurers.

Our partners have practiced law in courtrooms throughout the United States for more than five decades. Our commitment to securing the best outcome possible for our clients is evident in examples of our success.

Your injuries or loss requires your full attention. Leave the legal details of your claim or lawsuit to a member of our team. When you place your case in our hands, you can expect the following:

  • Open communication about the status of your case
  • Sincere compassion and care from all team members
  • No fees are required unless and until we win your case.

Who you choose for your overloaded truck accident case is crucial for the best results possible. To learn more about how The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia may help you, schedule a free case consultation as soon as possible.

How We Help Truck Accident Victims

We protect your best interests.

We can help your case by determining the how, why, and who of your overloaded truck accident. Identifying all liable parties and proving negligence will be our first steps on your journey to justice.

To move forward with a civil claim or lawsuit, we generally:

  • Review police reports
  • Interview witnesses
  • Visit the accident scene
  • Examine accident scene photos
  • View videos of the accident scene
  • Gather your medical reports and documentation of lost wages.

These and other steps take time — something not on your side. You can help your attorney by providing as much evidence and information as possible.

The damages accident victims suffer due to an overloaded truck accident are unfair. Your Philadelphia truck accident attorney will build a strong case for compensation relating to your multiple damages.

Philadelphia road users who had their world turned upside down in what was most likely a preventable accident deserve justice. Regardless of whether the truck driver faces criminal charges for driving intoxicated or recklessly, you have a right to pursue civil action.

Get the peace of mind you deserve following such a traumatic event. The Cochran Firm has the experience, compassion, and skills to help you through this difficult time.

Overloaded Truck Accident: FAQs

A Philadelphia overloaded truck accident attorney answers frequently asked questions:

How long does an overloaded truck accident case take?

While your attorney will work diligently to conclude your case as soon as possible, they will not settle for an unfair amount. Insurance companies tend to deny or attempt to underpay accident claims, which can prolong your case.

Can I accept an insurance settlement without a lawyer?

Only accept a settlement with a lawyer. By acting on your own, you risk receiving less compensation than you deserve. What you do accept closes your claim, leaving you with no further options should your injuries worsen.

Will my case go to trial?

A: Most civil cases settle without going to trial. If your case proceeds to court, your attorney will prepare you for the trial process. Hiring an overloaded truck accident attorney with courtroom experience is vital for your case.

What is the statute of limitations?

A: Philadelphia overloaded truck accident victims have two years to pursue compensation for their damages. This is a tight deadline with no options for an extension. Failure to take swift action for your case can result in a missed opportunity for possible compensation.

My loved one died due to an overloaded truck. Can I sue?

Your relationship with the victim is critical in whether you may pursue a wrongful death case. The statute of limitations for wrongful death cases is the same as personal injury cases: two years.

An overloaded truck accident can leave you with many questions. A free case consultation opens the door to secure the answers you seek about how to move forward.

The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia

An overloaded truck is difficult to steer, stop, and control. Additional dangers of an overloaded truck are an intoxicated, distracted, or aggressive commercial truck driver.

Overloaded trucks are no match for other Philadelphia road users, such as drivers, joggers, bicyclists, and motorcycles. A severe injury or sudden loss can leave you with medical bills, an inability to work, and mental anguish.

At The Cochran Firm, we understand how the aftermath of a traumatic accident affects victims and their families. We calmly and carefully explain the legal process and fight for the compensation you both need and deserve.

To do so, we aggressively hold trucking companies and their insurers accountable for your harm or grief. We do not accept settlement offers designed to protect insurance company profits. Instead, we counter these tactics by standing firm in our fight for what is best for you, our client.

You do not have to face your overloaded truck claim or lawsuit alone. A free case consultation places you under no obligation yet can serve as a valuable tool. Feeling confused and overwhelmed is understandable, and we want to help.

Call The Cochran Firm at 800-969-4400 in Philadelphia today to schedule your free case consultation.