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Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

Distracted drivers are some of the greatest hazards on our modern roads. Whether they’re eating, applying makeup, or texting, these negligent drivers are responsible for some of the most devastating accidents imaginable.

This problem is far too common on Philadelphia roads and across the nation. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that distracted driving claimed over 3,100 lives in 2020. Many others were grievously injured by irresponsible drivers — and some of these victims will continue to suffer in years or even decades to come.

While many distracted drivers will never face criminal consequences, it’s possible to deliver some semblance of justice if their irresponsible behavior causes problems. In many cases, personal injury representation will be your best option for holding negligent drivers responsible.

Navigating this legal process can be extra complicated in Philadelphia, so it’s important to work with a trusted car accident lawyer. Your attorney should be able to deal with both insurance concerns and personal injury claims, with the ultimate goal of producing the damages you deserve.

There’s no legal resource quite like The Cochran Firm. We combine an impressive nationwide network with a local approach to car accident representation. Our strong track record speaks for itself.

If driver distraction played a role in your crash, you owe it to yourself to get in touch with our Philadelphia car accident lawyers at The Cochran Firm. Call (800) 969-4400 to learn more.

Why Work with a Philadelphia Distracted Driving Lawyer?

At first glance, it may seem obvious that you should receive compensation after suffering at the hands of a distracted driver. This seems especially clear if the accident led to severe physical injuries or emotional suffering, not to mention vehicular damage. Unfortunately, however, it’s not always that simple.

As you strive for fair compensation, you may be shocked to see the other side argue that negligence was not at play — or that it did not substantially contribute to the accident in question. Similarly, the other driver may argue that you also behaved negligently and therefore are undeserving of significant compensation.

A Philadelphia distracted driving lawyer can help you push back against such claims while also making it abundantly clear that the other driver was responsible for your current suffering.

Throughout this process, your attorney can also ease the burden of stress that so frequently accompanies car accident cases. You’ll know what to expect through every phase of this process. Meanwhile, your attorney will handle the hard work of gathering evidence, negotiating with car insurance companies, and, when necessary, fighting on your behalf in court.

Throughout this process, your distracted driving lawyer should be mindful of key deadlines. These arrive quickly in Philadelphia, which has a statute of limitations of just two years for personal injury cases.

It can be surprisingly difficult to extend this deadline, even when extraordinary circumstances are present, so it’s always prudent to promptly get in touch with a Philadelphia distracted driving attorney.

The sooner you get started, the more time your lawyer will have to craft a winning strategy. Call (800) 969-4400 to take that essential first step.

What Makes the Cochran Firm Stand Out?

Deciding to work with a distracted driving lawyer is the easy part. If you have any intention whatsoever of securing damages, you’ll instinctively understand the value of legal representation.

You need to choose between the many car accident attorneys who currently practice in the Philadelphia area. The right lawyer could make a world of difference, guiding you toward the positive case outcome you deserve.

If you want to work with a team that will inspire full confidence through every step of the legal process, you can’t go wrong with The Cochran Firm. Highly respected in Philadelphia and beyond, we have a stellar reputation. We also have the drive to continue fighting for new clients. We’re proud of our legacy and determined to continue building on it.

Top advantages of working with our trusted law firm include:

An Exceptional Track Record

Boasting over four decades of success, The Cochran Firm is an esteemed name in personal injury law. For many years, we’ve provided passionate and trustworthy legal representation, serving a variety of clients who live and work throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

We’re part of a nationwide law firm that was founded by the famed Johnnie L. Cochran — and we continue to hold true to his legacy today.

Success stories abound, with several of our verdicts exceeding $100 million. Many others have reached $10 million. No matter the anticipated settlement or verdict, our team is always committed to fighting for the absolute best outcome available.

Relevant examples of our previous work with motor vehicle accident victims include the following:

  • One notable jury verdict led to $25 million after a jogger was hit and killed by a drunk driver. This zealous legal effort included both a case against the drunk driver (who at the time of the accident, had a blood alcohol content over twice the legal limit) and the bar that served this driver.
  • A client was injured after a New York ambulance ran a red light. This case ended with a $5.75 million settlement.
  • In a noteworthy case involving pedestrians, a mother and child were struck by a car. The final outcome for this lawsuit? A jury verdict of $100 million.
  • There’s no denying the hard work that went into the largest personal injury verdict in the state of New York: $197 million for plaintiffs who struck a disabled tractor-trailer truck. At the time of the accident, they were using a rental car that was not properly equipped with seatbelts. This victory highlights the importance of having an experienced truck accident lawyer on your side.
  • Passengers in a van were able to secure a $32.5 million settlement after they were hit by a bus. Tragically, one client suffered internal injuries so severe that she was forced to undergo several reconstructive surgeries. She even required IV feeding for the remainder of her life.

Positive Client Reviews

The verdicts and settlements highlighted above are no doubt compelling, but the value of working with our team extends beyond these dollar amounts. Yes, we’re here to get you the damages you deserve, but we also want to make the legal process as easy to navigate as possible.

To accomplish this, we provide an empathetic and customized approach, developed with your unique needs and preferences at the forefront. This conscientious approach has produced many pleased clients, who speak highly of our team and are happy to recommend us to others.

Empathetic Client Consultations

No matter your role in your car accident, you deserve to receive both respect and compassion as you discuss your case with your lawyer. A little empathy can go a long way toward helping you trust and appreciate your lawyer.

At The Cochran Firm, we pride ourselves on our ability to develop strong attorney-client relationships. There is no question as to whether trust and open communication exist between our lawyers and clients. 

This ultimately paves the path to higher-quality representation, as trusting clients are more likely to share the details that matter. A compassionate approach also makes the legal process a lot less stressful for clients, who should feel confident that their attorneys actually care.

Detail-Oriented Discovery

Through extensive research, our team is able to gain insight into every detail that could possibly impact your distracted driving case. We take the discovery phase seriously. This aspect of the legal process can determine whether you’re ultimately able to achieve the positive outcome you desire. It may incorporate the following sources of evidence:

  • Police reports
  • Healthcare records
  • Photos of the accident scene.

Witness statements are especially important when distracted driving is suspected. While this problem can be difficult to detect from accident investigations, it’s easily verified if witnesses spotted drivers using their phones or otherwise failing to pay attention.

Additionally, we may call on expert witnesses, who can provide additional insight into the circumstances underscoring your case. Expert witnesses can even determine how the aforementioned forms of evidence are interpreted.

Contingency Approach

The cost of legal representation should not be a significant concern when determining whether to work with a Philadelphia distracted driving lawyer. At The Cochran Firm, we opt for a contingency approach to better serve the needs of our clients.

Our commitment to contingency allows you to proceed without paying on an upfront basis. Instead, we will recoup all fees if and when we’re able to secure a settlement or desirable jury verdict.

What Happens During a Philadelphia Distracted Driving Case?

Deciding to work with a Philadelphia distracted driving attorney is the most important step in your legal journey. With this crucial decision out of the way, you can count on your legal team to guide you through the remainder of the personal injury process.

This may look considerably different from one case to the next, but you can feel confident about your prospects once you’ve met with the best in the business.


If you opt to work with our team from The Cochran Firm, you’ll begin by meeting with your Philadelphia distracted driving lawyer to discuss your case.

During your free initial consultation, you’re welcome to share your side of the story and ask any questions you may have about our legal approach. We’ll provide honest feedback about your legal prospects. We don’t sugarcoat the situation, but we do explain potential roadblocks patiently and empathetically.

Consultations should be scheduled as soon as possible. If you suspect that distracted driving caused your suffering, schedule your case evaluation by calling (800) 969-4400. 


You’ve completed your initial consultation and are pleased with your legal team’s approach. Now, it’s time to proceed with the meatiest part of the legal process: the discovery phase.

As we’ve touched on, this is a detail-oriented process that allows us to uncover the wealth of evidence supporting your case.

We take discovery seriously at The Cochran Firm. We will spare no effort in obtaining the documentation needed to score the settlement or verdict you deserve. Success in discovery will aid us in upcoming insurance negotiations. Our investigative efforts could also prove valuable if your case eventually goes to court.

Insurance Negotiations

Once we’ve gathered all relevant evidence, we can move forward with insurance negotiations. In Philadelphia, these are largely shaped by Pennsylvania’s status as a no-fault state. Essentially, this means that all drivers are required to invest in personal injury protection (PIP).

Insurance carriers typically pay medical expenses in the event of vehicle-related injuries. If, however, these are grievous and another person was at fault, personal injury damages may be possible. The ability to pursue these depends on the type of car insurance previously purchased. You’ll discuss all this during your first legal consultation before developing a strategy that best reflects your situation.

Regardless of your insurance coverage at the time of the crash, you can count on your Philadelphia distracted driving lawyer to provide assertive advocacy. This is where we thrive at The Cochran Firm. We’re familiar with the underhanded tactics that so many insurance representatives rely on — and we’re prepared to combat all this by employing a firm, no-nonsense approach.

Settlement or Court

If you’re able to pursue a personal injury claim, you can count on our team to represent your best interests during the settlement process or in court. This is where zealous representation is especially vital. You can expect aggressive action from the other side, so your attorney has better be prepared to defend your best interests.

Working with a trial-ready attorney is essential regardless of your intentions to take your case to court. Your Philadelphia distracted driving attorney should be able to foresee the most significant courtroom challenges, as well as opportunities to present your case in its best light.

The Cochran Firm: Philadelphia’s Most Trusted Resource for Distracted Driving Representation

Don’t leave your Philadelphia car accident case up to chance. If distracted driving contributed to your current suffering, you owe it to yourself to get an aggressive, empathetic, and detail-oriented lawyer on your side.

With The Cochran Firm in your corner, you can feel confident that Philadelphia’s strongest legal team will fight for your best interests. From the initial consultation to your final settlement, you’ll be impressed by our wealth of knowledge and our elite skill set. We know what it takes to bring your distracted driver case to a desirable close.

If you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to discuss your case and provide insight into available legal remedies. Call (800) 969-4400 or contact us today to learn more.