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Philadelphia, PA: Johnny Cochran Lawyer

Philadelphia Amazon Truck Accident Lawyer

Why You Need a Philadelphia Amazon Truck Accident Lawyer

Amazon trucks have become one of the most ubiquitous sights in major cities. This fleet of vehicles is constantly delivering goods to customers quickly and efficiently but has been involved in severe and deadly accidents in recent years. If you or someone you love has been involved in one, you need an Amazon truck accident lawyer that you can trust to help you.

Thankfully, our team at The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia can work as an Amazon truck accident lawyer to protect your legal rights. As a result, we can ensure that you get the legal protection you want and deserve against one of the biggest companies in America. Our personal injury lawyers have the experience, and the bravery, needed to fight against Amazon and ensure that you have the best chance of recovery.

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Are Amazon Trucks Dangerous?

While Amazon prides itself on quick delivery and its many customers appreciate getting goods the same day that they order them, that benefit comes with a price—increased crash risks. NBC News provided an in-depth report analyzing how hard Amazon pushes its drivers to deliver goods on time, including long hours and challenging driving situations that put their lives at risk.

Furthermore, The Wall Street Journal has reported that Amazon has routinely hired dangerous contractors who were more than twice as likely to have unsafe driving scores. While Amazon has denied these claims, more than one outlet has made similar statements. Unfortunately, this has created a range of serious accidents that have threatened many people’s lives.

Unfortunately, these issues increase the risk of severe accidents involving Amazon trucks. As more of these incidents hit the news, more legal professionals are calling for safer driving training and harsher penalties for Amazon. If you or someone you love has been affected by an accident of this type, you need to work with Amazon truck accident lawyers in Philadelphia like those at The Cochran Firm to get help.

Can You Pursue a Lawsuit?

If a careless Amazon truck driver has injured you, you can very likely pursue a lawsuit. Truck accidents are complex situations because you must prove that the driver behaved inappropriately and triggered the accident. Like all vehicles on the road, Amazon truck drivers owe you a safe driving experience, and violating it makes them liable for a lawsuit. Unsafe driving behaviors include:

Your lawsuit is valid if an Amazon truck driver committed these unsafe driving behaviors and caused your accident. With the help of The Cochran Firm, you can improve your chances of winning. Our team will collect evidence, present a complete lawsuit, and help improve your chances of getting compensated for severe accidents.

What Are the Damages Available for an Amazon Trucking Accident?

After a severe truck accident, you have many potential damage options to pursue. These can provide you with the help you need to bounce back from an injury financially. Our team at The Cochran Firm will do everything in our power to ensure that your damages are maximized. We believe you deserve compensation for the careless behavior of overworked Amazon drivers. Potential damages include:

  • Medical expenses caused by the accident
  • Lost wages garnered during your recovery
  • Emotional suffering caused by your accident
  • Repairs or replacement of your vehicle
  • Punitive damages awarded to punish the defendant.

If you need a Philadelphia Amazon truck accident lawyer who understands your case, please call us at The Cochran Firm today. When you call 800-969-4400, you can get a free consultation about your case. We’ll listen to what happened, gauge the situation, and devise a strategy for your case. We aim to fight to the bitter end to give you the complete representation you deserve.

Why Should You Work with the Cochran Firm in Philadelphia?

Trying to represent yourself in a complex Amazon truck accident case is not a wise decision. Amazon is a major corporation that will bring many lawyers against you and bury you in red tape and other legal issues. You’re not likely to get the compensation you deserve without the help of an Amazon truck accident attorney in Philadelphia who understands the complexity of these cases.

At The Cochran Firm, we provide top-rate legal protection to increase your chance of winning your case. We guarantee that we’ll fight as hard as possible and won’t rest until you have a complete and hard-to-defend case against Amazon for your injuries. Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for excellence in the legal field. Our accomplishments speak for themselves:

  • Winning billions of dollars in compensation money
  • Earning high ranks from groups like Super Lawyer
  • Providing emotional support during a complex case
  • Having a complete understanding of truck accident law
  • Showing dedication to our clients’ rights and needs.

Our years of training and dedication to your case make you more likely to walk away successfully than if you try to defend yourself. While we understand that it can be appealing to save money by representing yourself in court, it’s more likely to fail. As a result, we strongly urge you to contact us at The Cochran Firm to make sure you get the best results possible in your case.

Get the Legal Support You Deserve

If you need a truck accident lawyer that’s willing to fight hard for you, The Cochran Firm is here for you. Our team of professionals is ready to do whatever it takes to win your case.

Call us at 800-969-4400 to learn more about what we have to offer. Our team of professionals will provide a free consultation with an Amazon truck accident attorney who has your best interests in mind.