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Philadelphia Ridesharing Accident Lawyers

Our Philadelphia ridesharing accident lawyers have helped local clients like you recover the full value of their damages. When someone injures you in a rideshare accident that you were innocent of, you should expect the responsible party to reimburse you for your damages.

The resulting injuries from a rideshare accident can be significant and expensive. It can upset the course of your normal life. The responsible parties should be held accountable and cover your medical costs and other damages.

You do not need to fight for compensation alone. A Philadelphia ridesharing accident attorney can help.

Ridesharing Accident Lawyers in Philadelphia

Getting into an accident is never convenient and often complicated. Things can get even more complicated when your accident involves a ridesharing company. These accidents have occurred more frequently with the popular rise of rideshare apps. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious ridesharing accident, some law firms may not understand the challenges involved in these cases. These wrecks can be significantly more complicated than a standard car accident claim.

At The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia, we understand what you are dealing with. Our Philadelphia ridesharing accident lawyers have assisted numerous clients through many of the same issues you face today. We have helped countless clients receive the legal help and damage awards they deserve. Let our experienced Philadelphia rideshare accident lawyers help you find justice and compensation for your damages.

Why Choose The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia

When looking for the right law firm to represent your ridesharing accident case in Philadelphia, The Cochran Firm is an obvious choice.

The experienced ridesharing lawyers are ready to fight for your rights to ensure you get the necessary representation. Attorney Robert S. Miller was born and raised in Philadelphia and is committed to helping the local community fight for their rights.

Mr. Miller has served the Philadelphia community since earning his Juris Doctorate in 1992. Since then, Mr. Miller has demonstrated his public service through his actions, including:

  • Serving as chairperson of the Philadelphia Bar Association Arbitration Committee
  • Lecturing peers on how to properly prepare cases for arbitration
  • Lecturing at organizations and schools on personal injury litigation.

He has accepted numerous awards for his excellence in litigation and courtroom prowess, including:

  • The Best Lawyers in America, Personal Injury Litigation — Plaintiffs, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2023)
  • Pennsylvania Super Lawyer (2022)
  • The Best Lawyers in America, Personal Injury Litigation — Plaintiffs, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2020)
  • Selected to Super Lawyers (2018 – 2019)

Mr. Miller focuses his legal work on personal injury and motor vehicle accident litigation matters. As ridesharing apps took off with Uber launching in 2009, Mr. Miller has steadily increased his focus on this relatively new legal issue. His thorough preparation and attention to detail help him successfully represent his injured clients’ interests.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Rideshare Accidents in Philadelphia

Experiencing a rideshare accident can be frustrating and confusing. Our legal team has gathered commonly asked questions and our answers regarding rideshare accidents in Philadelphia to help you understand the situation.

Does Lyft compensate rideshare accident victims in Philadelphia?

Yes, although you would first use your Lyft driver’s personal insurance for any damages resulting in the accident. If their insurance is insufficient, then Lyft will provide additional coverage up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How can a Philadelphia ridesharing accident attorney help me?

If you have been injured in a recent accident, your Philadelphia ridesharing accident attorney can help you recover compensation for your losses. The rideshare company may owe you damages for personal injury or property damages.

How do I find the best ridesharing accident lawyer?

It’s impossible to prove that any attorney is the best ridesharing accident lawyer, but you should focus on finding someone with experience working on these cases. A knowledgeable attorney with significant rideshare accident experience can help represent your needs in court.

Does Uber care about rideshare accidents in Philadelphia?

All Uber rides are insured, either through the driver or Uber. Sometimes getting the total amount of compensation for your claim can be challenging. In these cases, rideshare accident lawyers in Philadelphia can help you navigate the issue.

What happens if passengers are injured in a rideshare accident?

If your driver is responsible for the rideshare accident, their insurance should cover your medical care. If your medical needs are extensive and the driver’s insurance is insufficient, the rideshare company’s insurance will compensate you for your remaining medical costs.

How long does it take to settle a ridesharing accident legal case?

Once you settle with the rideshare company, you should receive their compensation quickly. You can reasonably expect the settlement check within two weeks of your agreement.

Every ridesharing accident case is unique, with individual facts and details. These answers can give you a rough idea of what to expect. However, to get direct, tailored answers to your situation, it’s a good idea to speak directly to a ridesharing accident lawyer.

How The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia Can Help

Your ridesharing accident attorney at The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia understands that accidents happen. However, in a ridesharing accident, multiple parties may share the responsibility for the resulting injuries and property damage. Our team is committed to giving you the results that you deserve.

If you or your loved one has been harmed by a ridesharing accident in Philadelphia, our lawyers will walk you through each step until you have received the compensation you are owed. Legal compensation can help you on your path to recovery and ensure you do not suffer needlessly for the negligent mistakes of others.

Contact our law firm today to arrange your free, no-obligation consultation. During your consultation, you will have an opportunity to have your questions answered. You will also learn about your available legal options, the strength of your claim, the approximate value of your case, and your next steps to recover compensation.

Your ridesharing accident attorney is ready to help you get the legal help you can count on. Call us at 800-969-4400.