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Philadelphia UPS Truck Accident Lawyers

A serious truck accident can leave you with lasting physical and emotional damages. If you’ve been involved in a UPS truck accident in the Philadelphia area, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

At Cochran Firm, we understand how serious the repercussions of a truck accident can be, and we work hard to ensure that victims receive the compensation they deserve. Our team of experienced attorneys is committed to fighting for your rights and helping you get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.

Here we outline the key steps you should take if you’re involved in a UPS truck accident in Philadelphia. We discuss how to document your damages, build a strong case, and navigate the legal system to get the best possible outcome. Read on for an overview of our recommended process for seeking compensation after a UPS truck accident.

Determining Fault in a UPS Truck Accident

When you’ve been involved in an accident with a UPS truck, determining fault is essential for a successful recovery of any damages or needs for compensation.

The first step is to understand the core concept of negligence law. Negligence requires that four elements must be proven:

  1. Duty: The defendant owed a duty of care to the plaintiff.
  2. Breach: The defendant breached that duty of care.
  3. Causation: The breach of the duty caused injury or damages to the plaintiff.
  4. Damages: The plaintiff suffered damages as a result of the breach.

It’s important to note that negligence itself does not necessarily mean one-sided blame in an accident situation. Sometimes, both parties might be at fault, based on their respective actions before, during, and after the collision occurred. If this is the case, comparative negligence will apply and each party will be assigned a percentage of responsibility for their role in causing the accident.

To help determine who is at fault in your trucking accident case, it is best to consult with an experienced lawyer who can review your facts and explain how Pennsylvania law may apply to your specific situation.

Estimating Cost of Damages

Understanding the types of compensation you may be able to claim following an accident involving a UPS truck can help you estimate the total cost of damages. In general, monetary compensation falls into two major categories: economic and non-economic.

Economic damages are those that are easily quantifiable and demonstrative of direct financial loss due to another party’s negligence. Examples include medical bills, lost wages, repair or replacement costs for damaged property, and even funeral costs if the collision resulted in a wrongful death.

Non-economic damages cover losses that are not easily quantifiable or don’t necessarily involve financial hardship. This includes items such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of companionship or consortium, and even punitive damages to punish the wrongdoer for their actions.

It is important to remember that compensation amounts vary case by case, depending on a variety of factors. A skilled attorney can help you estimate your economic and non-economic losses accurately with thorough research into your individual case.

Getting Help From Experienced Attorneys

The process of filing a personal injury claim after being involved in a UPS truck accident can be overwhelming and complicated. To increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve, it’s important to get help from experienced attorneys to advise you on the best course of action.

The Cochran Firm has decades of experience representing victims in personal injury cases, including those involving UPS truck accidents. Our experienced attorneys can help you navigate your case’s complexities and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process. In addition, we will investigate all aspects of your case to determine who is at fault and achieve the maximum compensation for your losses.

When you hire us to represent you, you can expect the following:

  • A free initial consultation
  • A thorough review of any evidence provided by UPS or their insurer
  • Expert advice on whether to accept or reject a settlement offer
  • Representation in court (if necessary)
  • Affordable payment plans if needed.

At The Cochran Firm, we understand that this situation may be a difficult time for you, and we will treat your case with sensitivity and respect throughout the entire process. Our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you may have about pursuing compensation for your losses.

Timeline for Filing a Claim After a UPS Truck Accident

Understanding the timeline for filing a claim is important when you have been involved in a UPS truck accident. It’s important to remember that each state has different laws regarding time frames, so it’s critical to consult an attorney familiar with your specific state’s laws.

Generally speaking, in states such as Pennsylvania, you will have two years from the date of the accident to file a claim. During this two-year window, it’s best to speak with an attorney and collect evidence to help your case. Some common evidence the court may need includes medical records, police reports, witness statements, and photographs or videos of the accident scene.

It’s also important to note that if you file a lawsuit against UPS for damages caused by their driver, there is a three-year statute of limitations in Pennsylvania. This means that if your case does not settle before three years from the date of your accident, you can no longer pursue legal action.

The best way to ensure you do not miss any deadlines is by speaking right away with an experienced attorney who specializes in personal injury cases. They can help guide you through the process and ensure all necessary steps are taken within the required time frame.

Recovery Options from Your Insurer and the Truck’s Insurer

When it comes to recovering compensation from a truck accident with a Philadelphia UPS truck, you have a few options.

Your Insurer

Your primary source for recovering compensation should be your own insurance provider. This insurer is obligated to help you repair or replace your vehicle and cover the medical costs associated with the accident.

The Truck’s Insurer

You may also be able to recover some of the costs from the truck’s insurer, depending on who was at fault for the accident. The Cochran Firm can help you determine who was responsible and work with you to make sure that you are compensated for your losses.

Sometimes an insurance company will try to offer a lowball settlement, usually amounting to far less than what your actual costs were due to lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses. In these cases, we can fight on your behalf to get the full amount of compensation that you deserve. 

Our experienced attorneys are here to protect your rights and ensure that justice is served, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve been in an accident involving a Philly UPS truck.

Potential Obstacles to Receiving Fair Compensation

When faced with a UPS truck accident in Philly, you may encounter several potential obstacles to getting the compensation you deserve.

Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations is a time limit you have to file a lawsuit and seek financial recovery. In Pennsylvania, the law states that you have two years from the date of your injury to file a claim. If you fail to meet this deadline, you may be barred from recovering damages.

Proving Negligence

You must also prove that another party’s negligence caused your injury. This can be difficult due to several factors such as:

  • Physical evidence being expunged or destroyed
  • Unavailability or inaccuracy of witness statements
  • Other parties downplaying their role in the accident.

Understanding Liability

Additionally, it is important for claimants to understand their rights when it comes to recovering damages from UPS and other liable parties. An experienced attorney can help ensure that all liable parties are identified and held accountable for the injuries they caused.

How Much Compensation Can I Get for My Accident?

The amount of compensation that is awarded in a Philadelphia UPS truck accident case is dependent upon factors such as:

  • How serious your injuries were 
  • How much time you were forced to miss from work due to your injuries
  • Whether any permanent disability or disfigurement was a result of the accident. 

An experienced personal injury attorney can help you understand what kind of compensation you may be entitled to receive in your case.

Why Hire Us?

When you’re looking to get the financial compensation you need after an accident involving a UPS truck, you want to make sure you have a legal team that knows what they’re doing. Luckily, The Cochran Firm is here to help. We are dedicated to fighting for justice for our clients and have the experience and resources necessary to win your case.

Here are just a few reasons why The Cochran Firm should be your first choice for legal representation in this type of case:

  • Experienced team of personal injury lawyers
  • A strong commitment to justice for clients
  • Access to quality experts, investigators, and medical professionals who can help strengthen your case
  • In-depth knowledge of the law and courtroom experience in state and federal courtrooms
  • Comprehensive evaluation process that allows us to determine the best course of action in each individual case.

Call Us Today

If you or a loved one were injured in an accident involving a UPS truck in Philadelphia, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses from the at-fault party or their insurer. The team of experienced Philadelphia UPS truck accident lawyers at The Cochran Firm can help you identify the liable parties, determine appropriate damages, and pursue legal action to obtain the compensation you need and deserve. 

Our firm offers decades of experience in personal injury cases and will fight for the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries and losses. 

Contact The Cochran Firm at 800-969-4400 today to learn more and set up a free consultation.

FAQs about UPS Truck Accidents

If you’ve been involved in a Philadelphia UPS truck accident and are looking to file a claim for compensation, you may have some questions. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about these kinds of cases:

Can I sue UPS?

Yes, you can sue UPS if they or their employees were at fault in the accident. Depending on the circumstances, they may be liable for any resulting medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other expenses associated with the accident.

How do I prove negligence?

To prove negligence on the part of UPS or their employees, your attorney will review evidence such as police reports, documentation from witnesses, vehicle inspection reports, and more to determine who was at fault for the accident.

How do I file a claim with UPS for compensation after a truck accident? 

You can file a claim with UPS by contacting their claims department directly. They will likely ask for details about the accident and any damages or injuries sustained and may request additional documentation such as police reports or medical records.

What if UPS denies my claim for compensation? 

If UPS denies your claim, you may need to pursue legal action to seek compensation. A personal injury lawyer can advise you on your legal options and help you navigate the claims process or file a lawsuit if necessary.

Can I still receive compensation if I was partially at fault for the accident? 

Depending on the laws in your state and the specific circumstances of the accident, you may still be able to receive compensation even if you were partially at fault. However, the amount of compensation you receive may be reduced based on your level of fault.

How long does it take to receive compensation after a UPS truck accident? 

The timeline for receiving compensation after a UPS truck accident can vary widely depending on the complexity of the case and whether or not litigation is involved. In some cases, a settlement may be reached quickly, while in others it may take several months or even years to resolve the case.