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Philadelphia Car Crash Lawyer

Philadelphia Commercial Trucking Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in a commercial truck accident in Philadelphia, you must be aware of your legal rights and obligations.

Commercial truck accidents can involve complex legal issues and are not always easy to navigate. It is highly recommended that you hire an experienced attorney to represent your interests and ensure your rights are respected. An experienced attorney will also be familiar with the laws governing commercial truck accidents in Pennsylvania and can provide invaluable guidance throughout the process.

The Cochran Firm is a nationwide law firm with extensive experience handling cases involving commercial truck accidents in Philadelphia. We understand how emotionally difficult this situation can be for victims, which is why we strive to provide compassionate service and aggressive representation when handling our clients’ cases. In this article, we’ll discuss the legal issues associated with commercial truck accidents in Philadelphia and how our team of experienced attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Establishing Liability for a Commercial Truck Accident

After being involved in a commercial truck accident, it is important to establish liability to determine who is responsible for damages. In most cases, this involves determining who was at fault. If you were injured by the negligence of another driver or company, they might be liable for the crash.

It is important to remember that liability after a truck accident can be complex because of federal and state regulations that are meant to regulate the trucking industry. You should have a clear understanding of these regulations in order to determine if regulations were breached leading to the accident.

The following factors are typically examined when establishing liability for a truck accident:

  • The driver’s experience and training level
  • Driver fatigue
  • The vehicle’s condition and maintenance record
  • Whether or not safety protocols were followed.

By carefully examining these details, it is possible to identify any negligent parties and hold them legally accountable for their actions.

Important Considerations After a Truck Accident

As with any motor vehicle accident, there are some important considerations to remember if you’ve been involved in a commercial truck accident in Philadelphia. One of the most important steps is to contact a knowledgeable lawyer with experience handling these complex cases. It’s also important to remember that time is of the essence; you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible in order to protect your rights and ensure you receive proper compensation.

Another important consideration is the extent of your injuries. Truck accidents often cause serious injuries, and even death, so it’s important to understand what kind of medical care you will need after the accident, as well as what kind of financial compensation may be available.

The insurance process may seem daunting, but an experienced legal team can help navigate all aspects of your case, from ensuring all necessary paperwork is submitted correctly and on time, to ensure that you receive proper compensation for medical bills and lost wages due to the accident. Working together with a knowledgeable attorney can make all the difference in getting through what may be a very confusing process after a truck accident in Philadelphia.

Determining the Extent of Injuries and Damages

If you’ve been involved in a commercial truck accident in Philadelphia, it’s important to determine the extent of your injuries and damages. This is especially true if you plan to file a claim or lawsuit.

The Cochran Firm can help you in this regard, as our legal team has years of experience dealing with complex legal issues that arise from commercial truck accidents. Here are just a few ways we can help:

  • Establish Liability: Our lawyers have extensive experience in identifying the liable party and establishing their responsibility for the accident.
  • Assess the Extent of Damages: We can help you estimate medical costs, property damage, lost wages and other potential losses associated with the accident.
  • Negotiate Settlements: We will use our expertise to ensure that any settlements or agreements you enter into are fair and reasonable for all parties involved.

Laws Governing Commercial Truck Accidents in Philadelphia

When fog or other hazardous conditions cause a Philadelphia commercial truck accident, the laws that govern these collisions become important factors in determining who is responsible for the damages. Understanding the legal elements of liability and responsibility can help you with your claim in these situations.

The laws governing commercial truck accidents in Philadelphia include:

  1. Commercial vehicle negligence – The commercial vehicle driver may be held liable if they were not exercising reasonable care when operating the vehicle.
  2. Negligence per se – Negligence per se occurs when a driver is operating their vehicle in violation of state law (such as exceeding speed limits or failing to maintain a safe following distance) and an accident results. In this case, the driver may be held liable for all damages, regardless of fault.
  3. Vicarious liability – A company may also be held liable for an employee’s negligent actions while operating a commercial vehicle on their behalf.
  4. Owner liability – If an owner was aware that their employee was negligent or careless with respect to safe driving practices, they may be held liable for any accident resulting from such negligence or carelessness.
  5. Statute of limitations – The statute of limitations refers to the amount of time victims have to file a claim for damages after an accident has occurred. In Philadelphia, claimants have two years from the date of their accident to file a lawsuit in order to recover compensation from those responsible for their injuries.

It’s important to know your rights after being involved in a commercial truck accident in Philadelphia, and that begins with understanding what laws apply and how they could affect your case. The more you know about your legal rights before filing a claim, the better prepared you’ll be.

Filing a Claim for Compensation After a Commercial Truck Accident

If you have been involved in a commercial truck accident and sustained injuries, you may be eligible for compensation to cover the costs associated with your injuries. To ensure the most favorable outcome, it is recommended that you work with an experienced attorney from The Cochran Firm who can guide you through the process of filing a claim for compensation.

When filing a claim for compensation after a commercial truck accident, there are several key steps in the process:

  1. Gathering evidence to support your claim, including photos of the accident scene and any medical bills or other documents related to expenses incurred due to your injuries.
  2. Knowing your rights as a victim of an accident involving a commercial truck. This includes understanding the relevant laws regarding commercial trucking and any potential legal action that can be taken against the responsible party.
  3. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you understand how best to pursue damages in court, as well as offer advice on how best to negotiate with insurance companies or other parties involved in order to reach a settlement amount that is fair and reasonable for all parties involved.
  4. Ensuring that all court filings are completed accurately and on time so as not to jeopardize your case.
  5. Working toward obtaining fair restitution for your medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and any other losses as deemed legally justified by the court based on the evidence presented in support of your case.

By working with an experienced attorney from The Cochran Firm such as those found at our law firm’s Philadelphia office, you can ensure that all legal aspects related to filing a claim for compensation after being involved in a commercial truck accident are handled efficiently and expertly.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have several questions after being involved in a commercial truck accident. Here are some of the most commonly asked:

What Can I Do If I Have Been Injured in a Commercial Truck Accident?

The first step is to seek medical attention for your injuries. Even if you feel perfectly fine, it is important to be checked out by a doctor. After that, contact an experienced truck accident lawyer who can help you protect your rights and hold the negligent party accountable for their actions.

How Long Will It Take to Receive Compensation?

Every case is different, and it can take some time to receive compensation. Your lawyer will be able to estimate how long yours may take based on the specifics of your case.

Who Pays for My Medical Expenses and Lost Wages?

The responsible party should be held accountable for these costs, but it’s important to ensure that you are adequately compensated by filing appropriate claims with the insurance company or filing a civil suit against the at-fault driver or their employer. Your lawyer can advise you on the best course of action in this situation. 

Why Choosing The Cochran Firm

If you or a loved one has been affected by a commercial truck accident, it’s important to understand the legal implications of your situation. That’s why we at The Cochran Firm are proud to offer our clients decades of experience getting positive results in a wide range of personal injury cases.

We have the knowledge and experience necessary to:

  • Assess whether you have a valid claim and provide a solid legal strategy
  • File all necessary documents and paperwork in the court, including paperwork related to any legal proceedings or settlement proceedings, when applicable
  • Negotiate settlement amounts with all applicable parties, including insurance companies
  • Pursue appeals when needed
  • Represent you in court if the case goes to trial.

At The Cochran Firm, we don’t simply handle your case—we seek justice for our clients and work with them every step of the way. Our attorneys are passionate about achieving the best possible outcome for their clients, so you can feel confident that your interests are being represented with skill and care. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you navigate legal issues after suffering from a commercial truck accident.


Navigating legal issues after a commercial truck accident in Philadelphia can be daunting. But with the help of a knowledgeable and experienced truck accident lawyer, you can protect yourself and ensure that you receive the legal representation and compensation you deserve. The Cochran Firm is dedicated to fighting for victims of truck accidents, and our team of experienced attorneys will help you understand your rights, evaluate the facts of your case, and make sure that your legal rights are fully enforced. Contact us at 800-969-4400 today and let us help you navigate the legal complexities of your case.