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Philadelphia Taxi Accident Lawyer

Negligence on Philadelphia City Streets

Taxis serve as a valuable form of transportation for Philadelphia residents and visitors. Riders expect drivers to transport them safely to their destination.

Taxi drivers are at risk of the same reckless behaviors as other drivers. Careless actions behind the wheel can gravely impact their career and forever change the life of a passenger or someone else on the road.

If you suffered significant damages due to a negligent taxi cab driver, a Philadelphia taxi accident lawyer may be able to help you. Pursuing compensation and justice for your taxi accident injuries is your right under Pennsylvania law.

Philadelphia Taxi Accidents

No one who chooses to travel by taxi expects to experience an accident. Accepting a ride requires trust in the driver, their knowledge, training, and skills. It also requires trust that the taxi itself is properly maintained.

A taxi accident involves negligence if the driver engages in reckless behavior or a known mechanical issue fails. The following examples of both scenarios are common factors in taxi accidents:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Driving drowsy due to long shifts, second job, or medical issue
  • Distracted driving involving navigational systems, smartphones, or other devices
  • Aggressive driving, including speeding, running red lights, and road rage
  • Operating a poorly maintained taxi with worn tires or faulty brakes.

Enforcement officers from the Public Utility Commission are responsible for taxi inspections throughout the year. Officer duties include:

  • Ensuring taxis are safe and clean
  • Drivers have proper licenses
  • Companies are providing reasonable service
  • Monitor insurance compliance.

Taxi services are common carriers and, as such, are held to the utmost duty of care. Transporting the general public bears the responsibility of doing so safely. But no amount of required training can prevent a driver from taking reckless chances in traffic.

A taxi accident is a complex case best left to an experienced taxi accident lawyer. Their knowledge of city and state regulations and laws is vital for securing the best outcome for your case.

The most comforting outcome of hiring a lawyer is knowing someone is on your side. A lawyer can make you feel less alone as you navigate the civil process together.

Common Taxi Accident Victims

Passengers are just one type of taxi accident victims. Other victims of taxi driver negligence include bicyclists, pedestrians, and motorists.

The bustling city traffic in and around Philadelphia requires a dedicated focus on safety. A split-second decision by a taxi driver to beat a traffic light or turn too soon can devastate other road users.

Pedestrians, joggers, and bicyclists are at risk for especially severe injuries. A lack of protection leaves them vulnerable to multiple broken bones and other traumatic harm.

If a negligent taxi driver caused severe harm as you walked, jogged, rode, or drove on a Philadelphia roadway, seek help. A free case consultation with a Philadelphia law firm soon after your accident is a step toward possible justice.

Philadelphia Taxi Accident Damages

A Philadelphia taxi accident’s aftermath can leave you unsure of your next step. Severe injuries, tests, and medical procedures may consume your day. There is no time to think about the intricate details of a possible civil case.

Medical bills can quickly mount when you are not able to work. This stressful combination can weigh heavily on your mind. Examples of traumatic and catastrophic injuries that are both devastating and costly include:

  • Traumatic brain injury: disrupts normal brain function
  • Spinal cord injury: impacts mobility and sensation
  • Bone fractures: often require a lengthy recovery
  • Internal injuries: potentially deadly if not discovered immediately.

Some accident injuries prevent victims from returning to a career they love. Others — like that of a spinal cord injury — can require expensive home modifications.

If you or a loved one suffered traumatic injuries due to a negligent taxi driver, your lawyer can fight for such damages as:

  • Medical costs: hospital and physician fees
  • Long-term medical costs: rehabilitation, therapy, medical equipment
  • Lost wages: income missed due to recovery
  • Potential earnings: income possible if your injuries prevent you from working
  • Mental anguish: pain and suffering for your reduced quality of life.

Each taxi accident affects victims differently. Sadly, there is no quick recovery for those who suffer extensive harm. Some victims must learn to adjust to a new reality as they relearn how to walk or communicate.

The long-term effects of severe injuries can affect you physically, emotionally, and financially. Fight for the compensation you deserve with help from a Philadelphia taxi accident attorney.

The High Cost of Taxi Accidents

Severe injuries can require a lengthy hospital or trauma center stay. Even those with health insurance can experience high co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses for their care.

No taxi accident victim should use their funds to pay for damages caused by negligence. Fighting for what you deserve now can protect your future medical needs and costs. For example, the prices are astronomical if you need to place your loved one in a skilled nursing facility.

You and your loved ones deserve the best care possible. Settling your claim without help from a lawyer prevents you from seeking additional compensation later, should you need it.

Protect your best interests by hiring a Philadelphia taxi accident lawyer. While compensation is never guaranteed, fighting for the best possible outcome outweighs settling for less.

A negligent taxi cab driver can turn a short ride into a nightmare. Get help fighting for your damages from a Philadelphia taxi accident lawyer. Call The Cochran Firm today at 800-969-4400.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Taxi accident victims have a right to ask questions regarding the civil process. Clients frequently ask the following questions in personal injury cases:

Do I need a lawyer to settle my case?

While a lawyer is not required, it is a smart idea. Insurance companies have lawyers who are no match for those unfamiliar with the legal process. Hiring a lawyer protects your best interests.

How can I help my lawyer with my taxi accident case?

Provide your lawyer with as much evidence as possible, including your medical reports. Refrain from posting or sharing information about the accident on social media or with others.

My loved one died from a taxi accident injuries. Can I sue?

A Philadelphia wrongful death attorney can determine whether your relationship with the victim qualifies you for legal action.

How long does a taxi accident case take?

The length of your case depends upon various factors. Some cases settle quickly and out of court, while others may require lengthy negotiations or a trial.

Taxi accident victims can discover the answers to these questions by scheduling a free case consultation. The team at The Cochran Firm will put you at ease with their caring approach to your case.

Why Choose Us?

A Philadelphia taxi accident is a challenging legal matter requiring a skilled attorney. The Cochran Firm is proud to have Robert Miller on our team to help victims with their civil claims and lawsuits.

Philadelphia taxi accident attorney Robert Miller understands what is at stake for victims and their families. Mr. Miller negotiates with insurance companies and fights for taxi accident victims. When necessary, he takes cases to trial.

Protecting the best interests of clients is Mr. Miller’s top priority. While aggressive with insurance companies, he is compassionate and caring with clients.

Robert Miller embodies the values established by firm founder Johnnie L. Cochran. Founded more than 40 years ago, The Cochran Firm is proud to represent victims of negligence in and around Philadelphia.

Award-winning and determined, our firm holds negligent taxi companies responsible for reckless drivers and poorly maintained cabs.  While we cooperate with any criminal proceedings involving a case, we continue with civil action regardless of the criminal case results.

Each taxi accident case is unique due to the specific details, and the outcome of your case is impossible to predict. However, no one should settle for less than they deserve.

Philadelphia Taxi Accidents and Wrongful Death

The tragic loss of a loved one due to a negligent taxi driver is devastating.  A wrongful death lawsuit is possible if your loved one died at the scene or later from their injuries.

Pennsylvania law lists surviving spouses, children, and parents as those who may pursue compensation. Wrongful death law is complicated and not something to learn as you mourn your loss.

Unexpected funeral costs are just one form of possible compensation. Other types of damages typically included in a wrongful death lawsuit are:

  • Final medical costs for your loved one
  • Lost income due to your loved one’s death
  • Loss of future earnings had your loved one survived
  • Loss of companionship.

Wrongful death damages include economic and non-economic types of damages. It is crucial for your case to hire an attorney to convey the full impact of your loss.

The heartbreaking news of losing your loved one is more than enough to shoulder. Fight for accountability against those responsible for your irreplaceable loss.

How We Can Help

Our team understands the profound impact a taxi accident has on your life. From a long recovery to a permanent disability, life is never quite the same for victims and their families.

Aggressive insurance adjusters add to your sense of overwhelm and confusion. High-pressure tactics to settle your case quickly can convince you to accept a settlement.

Initial insurance settlement offers are typically low sums designed to pay as little as possible. Your damages are significant and worthy of fair compensation.

The Cochran Firm can help you by:

  • Investigating your case
  • Identifying all liable parties
  • Managing insurance company communication
  • Negotiating for a fair settlement
  • Proceeding to trial if necessary.

You can help your lawyer by supplying evidence such as a police report, accident scene photographs, and contact information for witnesses.

Your lawyer will keep you informed as they manage the details of your case. Knowing that your case is in good hands can bring you much-needed peace of mind.

Time is not on your side when pursuing a Philadelphia taxi accident lawsuit. Take action now by contacting The Cochran Firm for help at 800-969-4400.

Pennsylvania Statute of Limitations

The Pennsylvania Statute of Limitations for filing your civil lawsuit is two years. The exact period exists for both personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Two years sounds like plenty of time to pursue legal action. The reality is that twenty-four months can pass in a heartbeat when your world turns upside down. Taking immediate action to secure a lawyer following your Philadelphia taxi accident is critical for filing your lawsuit promptly.

Most cases never reach the point of a trial. Getting a settlement without going to court saves both sides precious time and money. However, your lawyer may determine that too much is at stake and proceed to trial.

An award by a judge or jury is not guaranteed, yet taxi accident victims should not settle for what an insurance company wants to pay. They must fight for the compensation they deserve.

To do so, accident victims must ensure they file their civil lawsuit within the statute of limitations. Attorney Robert Miller understands Pennsylvania laws when it comes to essential court deadlines. Let him protect your best interests by securing his services as soon as possible.

Contact The Cochran Firm for Help with Your Philadelphia Taxi Accident

At The Cochran Firm, we hold those entrusted with transporting others accountable for their negligent actions. No taxi driver should take risks that place their passengers in harm’s way.

A Philadelphia taxi accident can leave you with life-altering changes. From painful injuries to financial stress, you deserve to fight for compensation for your unfair damages.

If you or a loved one suffered severe harm due to a negligent Philadelphia taxi driver, contact The Cochran Firm today at 800-969-4400.  A free case consultation leaves you nothing to lose and much to learn about how to move forward with your civil case.