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Shoulder Dystocia Claims

Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyers

The birth of your baby is a greatly anticipated event. Safe and effective delivery of your child is critical for both baby and mother. An occurrence of shoulder dystocia can gravely impact your newborn in several ways.

If you experienced a difficult delivery that resulted in shoulder dystocia for your baby, we might be able to help you. Failure to appropriate emergency measures at birth may qualify you for a medical malpractice claim. A Philadelphia shoulder dystocia attorney provides a free case consultation for mothers whose infants suffered harm due to negligence.

Understanding Shoulder Dystocia

The Impact on Mother and Baby

This birthing injury occurs during vaginal delivery. Described as a “mechanical issue,” shoulder dystocia can occur in the following situations:

  • The inability to deliver the baby’s shoulders using a gentle downward motion.
  • Additional delivery measures are necessary to deliver the baby successfully.

For babies who require surgical intervention, the results are often tragic, with many suffering diminished capacity of the affected shoulder. In addition, a shoulder dystocia injury due to surgical intervention can impair a baby’s fine motor skills as they develop and grow.

Other complications of shoulder dystocia include:

For the baby:

  • Compressed umbilical cord
  • Permanent brachial plexus palsy
  • Horner’s Syndrome: a rare disorder affecting a baby’s eyes and face.

For the mother:

  • Uterine rupture
  • Postpartum hemorrhage.

If your baby’s birth resulted in these or another type of harm to your or your child, a shoulder dystocia attorney may be able to help you. 

An attorney can determine if the medical professionals involved in the delivery of your baby acted negligently. If so, your attorney can pursue compensation for your physical, emotional, and financial damages. 

Philadelphia Shoulder Dystocia Claims and Lawsuits

Why Choose Us

Most medical malpractice cases settle out-of-court. Your lawyer will negotiate a fair settlement for all your damages with insurance companies. 

The negotiation process requires skills, experience, and a knowledge of Pennsylvania civil law. Insurance companies seek to protect their best interests. At The Cochran Law Firm in Philadelphia, we put your mind at ease during a most stressful time.

Our team is approachable, caring, and strong communicators. You will never wonder about the status of your case. We keep our clients informed as their claim or lawsuit progresses. 

We get results, and our reputation is legendary. As a well-respected Philadelphia law firm, insurance companies rather negotiate with us than face us in court. 

If your child suffered a shoulder dystocia injury during the birthing process, get help from one of our highly-qualified attorneys. A free case consultation leaves you nothing to lose, allowing you to learn how to move forward. 

How We Help You

We Fight for What You Deserve

Caring for a newborn is an exhausting task — caring for one that suffered shoulder dystocia requires extra time and care. The last thing a mother needs is the burden of a legal case.

The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia helps you by:

  • Investigating what occurred
  • Reviewing medical reports 
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Examining photographs.

We managed the intricate details of your claim or lawsuit. From paperwork and court filings to phone calls and research, we work tirelessly to secure the best outcome for your case. 

As personal injury lawyers, we believe in justice for those harmed by the negligence of others. You and your baby were due a duty of care. Those who breached that care are typically liable for the damages that you have suffered. 

A birth injury is a serious matter that can have long-lasting implications. Fighting for the compensation you deserve now is vital for protecting your child’s future medical needs.

Accepting a settlement without a lawyer closes your claim and leaves you no further legal options for additional compensation. Therefore, do not leave your pursuit of compensation to chance. 

Let us put our experience to work for you and your baby. We cannot promise compensation; however, our strong track record makes us the right choice for your case.

Common Damages in Shoulder Dystocia Claims and Lawsuits

Each shoulder dystocia case is different. However, among the most common types of damages in civil cases involving a shoulder dystocia injury are:

  • Medical costs: Expenses relating to the birth of your child, such as hospital and doctors’ fees.
  • Ongoing medical expenses: Long-term costs relating to ongoing care for your infant, such as medications or therapies.
  • Lost wages and loss of future earnings: If your baby requires an extended maternity leave or their injury prevents you from returning to work.
  • Pain and suffering: the mental anguish resulting from your baby’s shoulder dystocia birth.

Gathering as much information as possible for your lawyer helps them determine how to build a strong compensation case. Identifying all damages and those liable for them Is at the core of each shoulder dystocia case.

Pursuing a shoulder dystocia claim is a complex legal matter. It is one best left in the hands of a qualified Philadelphia shoulder dystocia lawyer like The Cochran Firm.

Shoulder dystocia is a frightening birth injury for both infants and their mothers. Contact a Philadelphia shoulder dystocia lawyer today if your baby suffered harm due to medical negligence.

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Shoulder Dystocia: FAQs for Philadelphia Mothers

A Philadelphia shoulder dystocia lawyer answers frequently asked questions regarding shoulder dystocia injuries:

Will settling my shoulder dystocia claim without an attorney hurt my chances for fair compensation?

You should not accept a settlement offer without hiring a shoulder dystocia lawyer. A lawyer can protect you from an unfair offer and fight for your deserved compensation. 

Can I afford to hire a Philadelphia shoulder dystocia attorney?

You cannot afford not to hire legal representation. The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia works on a contingency fee basis, meaning you only pay if we secure compensation for you. 

How long must I pursue a civil claim for my baby’s shoulder dystocia?

Pennsylvania statute of limitations for civil cases is two years. This time can pass quickly as you attend to your baby’s needs. Contact a lawyer now and leave your case in professional hands.

My infant died during the birth process. Can I sue if shoulder dystocia caused their death?

You may qualify for a wrongful death claim or lawsuit if the responsible parties failed to use care and your baby died as a result. A Philadelphia shoulder dystocia attorney will compassionately help you by reviewing your possible civil case. 

A birth complication can overwhelm you. It is a highly emotional time that can result in stress replacing joy when you learn your baby suffered unnecessarily. Get help holding those liable for your baby’s harm accountable for their actions. 

The Cochran Firm: Philadelphia Shoulder Dystocia Attorneys

Protecting Your Best Interests After a Negligent Birth Injury

A medical mistake at birth can profoundly affect your child’s life. Shoulder dystocia is a frightening experience that requires a calm, quick, and safe response by medical professionals. 

At The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia, we stand by our reputation as fierce attorneys who fight for our clients. As such, we stand by you from the start of your case until the final outcome.

While you may feel overwhelmed and confused about what to do next, we can help. Scheduling a free case consultation is easy and starts your journey toward possible justice. 

Take action for your baby’s unfair shoulder dystocia harm by calling The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia at 800-969-4400 today.