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Common Construction Accidents

construction worker

There are a variety of ways that a construction accident can occur. Whether you are working on site or just a pedestrian passing by. You can get injured from falling debris, falls, electrocutions, explosions or burns, slips and falls, machinery accidents, getting trapped, overexertion, or getting hit by a car. With all these types of […]

What Drivers Need to Know About Biking Laws


Thousands of cyclists are injured each year in automobile accidents. Furthermore, given the obvious size and weight difference between a bike and car, many of these accidents are fatal. In 2019, 846 bicyclists were killed in traffic accidents and the majority of them occurred in an intersection. Whether your preferred method of transportation is driving […]

Common Winter Personal Injury Claims


Personal injury cases cover a broad spectrum of injuries, but during the Winter season certain types of injuries become more prominent. The frigid weather, especially in the Northeast, brings snow, ice, and other hazardous conditions from about mid December to early March. During these months, weather-related auto accidents, slip and fall injuries, and space heater […]

Medical Negligence: 4 Questions to Ask Before Pursuing a Claim


The ever-changing medical landscape and unknown factors when it comes to medical treatment often make certain procedures and surgeries risky. Medical professionals are required to share any known, potential complications and side effects before treating a patient. But still, some patients suffer worsening conditions or injuries after a procedure – and not from any known […]

Dangerous Drug Lawsuits

zantac dangerous drug lawsuit

Drug manufacturers are tasked with creating both safe and effective remedies that are labeled accurately and in compliance with the law. Yet, thousands of people suffer from injuries, complications, or side effects that were not warned about each year. These defective and dangerous drugs are the result of insufficient research and testing by drug companies […]