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Category: Product Liability

Hair Relaxers and Uterine Cancer

Hair Relaxers and Uterine Cancer

Find Out If You Have a Hair Relaxer Cancer Lawsuit Any person who uses hair relaxers knows the chemicals in them are quite strong. The smell alone is unmistakable. Recent research indicates there may be a link between hair relaxers and cancer. If you are a frequent user of the products, you may have reason […]

Weed Killer Cancer Lawsuit

Roundup weed killer being sprayed | product liability attorney

One California couple was diagnosed with cancer after using Roundup weed killer and was awarded over $2 billion in early May. In this particular case, the evidence was telling given that neither party is related and neither party has a family history of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Although major public health agencies have disagreed over the direct […]

National 3M Lawsuit

Case Overview: National 3M Lawsuit The 3M Company was tasked with providing hearing protection for the armed forces starting in the early 2000s. The earplug designed supposedly allowed soldiers to alter the device for more optimal hearing in different situations. However, after recent reports, 3M allegedly entered their contract with the federal government knowing the […]