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Tips For The First Meeting With Your Lawyer

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Building Rapport And Trust

Meeting your attorney for the first time sets the foundation for both your case and your relationship with your attorney. In addition to presenting your case with strong evidence, the relationship you build with your attorney is crucial to pursuing a successful outcome. Treat your first meeting like an interview. Yes, you need to discuss the details of the case, payment, and outline a plan. But the meeting is also a time to figure out if the lawyer you’re meeting with is the right one for you.

What To Bring

The most important thing you need to bring to your first meeting with your lawyer is any documentation related to your case and any key knowledge, including terms you need to know on your day in court, that the lawyer will need to know to represent your case effectively. It is also important to note that you should have multiple copies of any documents. You will want at least one for your attorney and one for your personal records.

Ask Questions

Going back to the metaphor of an interview, one of the best tactics is having questions prepared for your interviewer or in this case your attorney. This will help in building rapport and trust, as well as preventing any crucial information from getting skipped in the meeting and putting your own mind at rest regarding any concerns for your case.

Clarify The Next Steps

At the end of your first meeting and after asking any questions you may have, you will need to clarify what steps need to be taken next. If you decide to go forward with the lawyer, typically they will need additional documentation or information in relation to your case. Contact information must be given and payment must be discussed. You should leave the meeting with a clear understanding of what you should be doing on your end and vice versa.