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Philadelphia, PA: Johnny Cochran Lawyer

Philadelphia Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

A Philadelphia dump truck accident can forever change your life or the life of a close loved one. If the accident results from negligence, a Philadelphia dump truck accident lawyer may be able to help you.

The pursuit of compensation for your multiple damages is a serious and complex matter best left to an experienced Philadelphia civil lawyer. Protecting your best interests immediately is imperative for seeking justice for the unfair harm caused by a negligent dump truck driver, company, or both.

The Unseen Dangers of Philadelphia Dump Trucks

A dump truck accident is typically impossible to predict or avoid.

Multiple projects throughout the city require the use of dump trucks. These large trucks haul massive loads of gravel, fill dirt, debris, and other materials for commercial, government, and private entities.

Sharing a Philadelphia street or highway with a dump truck is often an unnerving experience. The sheer size of the trucks can intimidate even the most cautious road user.  Of particular concern is the weight of a dump truck and the impact of such weight in a crash with another driver, bicyclist, or pedestrian. The average dump truck weighs approximately 14 tons when empty and twice that weight — 28 tons — when fully loaded.

Common causes of Philadelphia dump truck accidents include:

  • Unsafe dump truck: Little or no maintenance can result in worn tires, faulty brakes, and other dangers that lead to a traumatic crash.
  • Unsecured dump truck load: An unsecured load can result in flying rocks, boards, or other items that cause drivers to lose control of their vehicle.
  • Dangerous dump truck driver:  It takes just one commercial truck driver to take a careless risk behind the wheel by engaging in road rage, alcohol, or texting.

A dump truck accident attorney in Philadelphia may be able to help you if negligence is a factor in your case. Schedule a free case consultation with an attorney today if you or a loved one suffered severe injuries from a Philadelphia dump truck accident. Learn your legal options as soon as possible.

Why Choose Us?

The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia has helped clients throughout the region, including Delaware, for over 20 years. Building upon the firm foundation of our late founder, Johnny Cochran, our team has a strong record of securing justice for accident victims.

While we cannot guarantee the same results for your case, we will fight to secure the best outcome possible. In addition to our extensive experience, we bring the following to your dump truck case:

  • Call center staff that is available 24/7 to take your call
  • A free and confidential case consultation with an intake specialist or attorney
  • Access to resources that allow us to take on the most complex cases
  • Highly-skilled attorneys who know how to negotiate for a fair settlement
  • Personal injury attorneys who can litigate a dump truck case before a judge and jury.

Our team cares about the victims we represent and the community we serve. As a nationally-recognized firm, we are known for our aggressive yet compassionate representation of clients.

A Philadelphia dump truck accident is a frightening and life-changing event. When they are the result of negligence, victims have a right to fight for compensation. We can help. Contact The Cochran Firm today for your free consultation.

No one should pay out of pocket for damages from a negligent dump truck accident. Contact The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia immediately for a free case consultation if you or a loved one is facing mounting medical bills and lost wages.

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We Help You by Standing Up to Insurance Companies

Our attorneys recognize unfair tactics.

At The Cochran Firm, we protect the best interests of our clients from the day we take their case until the final outcome. We do not back down when insurance companies stall, deny, or attempt to underpay victims the compensation they deserve.

If an insurance representative for the dump truck driver or company contacts you, do not speak with them. Instead, refer them to your attorney. While they may appear friendly and eager to help you, their ultimate goal is to protect company profits. A statement by you about the accident may be used by the insurance company against you in your claim or lawsuit. A Philadelphia dump truck accident attorney can manage all aspects of your case, including communication with insurance companies.

Most civil cases settle without going to trial. At The Cochran Firm, we prepare our Philadelphia cases for court if necessary to secure fair compensation.

The legal journey toward possible compensation generally takes time and requires patience, but you can rely on The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia to keep you advised of the latest developments and progress in your case.

Dump Truck Accident FAQs

A Philadelphia truck accident lawyer answers frequently asked questions for victims of negligence:

I’m not sure if I can afford an attorney. How much does hiring The Cochran Firm for my Philadelphia accident cost?

Our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they collect their fee when they secure your compensation. If, for some reason, they do not win your case, you owe no legal fees.

Is a claim different than a dump truck lawsuit?

The civil process typically involves pursuing a claim against the responsible party’s insurance company. If necessary, an attorney will file a lawsuit to protect your right to a trial.

How long do I have to pursue a dump truck lawsuit?

The Pennsylvania statute of limitations is two years for pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. This state law is a strict deadline that if passed generally leaves victims with no other legal options.

Should I accept an initial settlement offer for my dump truck claim?

Dump truck accident victims should not accept an initial settlement offer without an attorney present. An initial offer is typically a low one that protects the insurance company, not you.

The aftermath of a dump truck accident can leave you feeling overwhelmed about your situation. It is common for victims to have more questions than answers. To get the answers you seek, contact The Cochran Firm for a free case consultation today.

Deadly Dump Truck Accidents

When negligence results in a permanent loss

The massive size of a dump truck can cause devastating damage to other road users. For some, their injuries are fatal. You may want to consult with a Philadelphia wrongful death attorney if you lost a close loved one due to a negligent dump truck accident.

Whether your loved one died upon impact or later from their injuries, you may be entitled to pursue compensation for such damages as:

  • Final medical expenses
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Lost wages of a spouse
  • Loss of inheritance for children
  • Loss of companionship.

No amount of money can replace the loss of your loved one. While you are grieving is not the time to manage a wrongful death case alone. A wrongful death attorney from The Cochran Firm can help you by handling your claim on your behalf.

The untimely death of a loved one is a highly emotional time. Having an attorney by your side may prevent you from accepting an unfair settlement. It is best to protect your interests and fight for justice for your loved one with the help of a Philadelphia wrongful death attorney.

Like personal injury cases, wrongful death cases must reach the court within two years of the victim’s death. Two years seems like a long time. However, a sudden loss can cause time to pass in a blur.

Do not miss your opportunity for justice. Contact The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia for help with your loved one’s fatal dump truck accident case. Time is of the utmost importance for gathering evidence, identifying liable parties, and pursuing legal action.

Philadelphia Dump Truck Accident Attorneys

Dump trucks are necessary for moving large, loose debris in and around Philadelphia. However, they must do so safely. Responsible drivers and well-maintained trucks are crucial for public safety.

When the reckless actions of a dump truck driver or company severely impact the life of others, accountability is a must. The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia investigates, identifies, calls on resources, and builds the best case possible for justice.

Accident victims find our team friendly and caring. No matter how you interact with our team, you will feel relaxed and at ease in their presence. If you or a loved one suffered life-changing injuries or you lost a loved one in a Philadelphia dump truck accident, contact us today for a free case consultation. Call (800) 969-4400.