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Philadelphia Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Fulfilling the Legacy of Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr.

Multi-vehicle accidents devastate people and their families every day. The injuries you suffer in such an accident can take a lifetime to recover from and require more money than you could hope to earn even if you were hale and healthy. Your choice of a Philadelphia multi-vehicle accident lawyer could be the difference between a comfortable recovery and a lifetime of debt.

The founding partner of our law firm, Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. was a tireless fighter for the rights of others. When he saw someone suffering, he would step up to aid them every time. That principle is still alive and strong in our law firm, making us one of Philadelphia’s premier personal injury practices.

We’ve worked on thousands of cases, helping injured people and their families recover from life-altering circumstances. Our lawyers understand that you need more than money after a serious accident. You need support from people who care about your health and your future.

If you need representation from a multi-vehicle accident attorney in Philadelphia that you can trust, call us today at (800) 969-4400 for a free consultation.

Why Clients Choose The Cochran Firm

Outstanding Philadelphia Multi-Vehicle Accident Lawyers with a Reputation for Success

Reputation matters. In the more than 50 years we have been serving Philadelphia, we have learned many lessons. One of the most important lessons is that attorneys come and go, but the reputation of a law firm lasts throughout the decades.

We always seek to maintain the high quality of our reputation by fighting aggressively for our clients and winning maximum compensation in every case. It is paramount that we maintain a reputation for relentlessly working for the best interests of our clients.

We Put Your Recovery First

Multi-vehicle injuries are often devastating. You could end up in the hospital for weeks or even years. And recovery will require focused dedication. When you are in that situation, you need a multi-vehicle accident attorney in Philadelphia who prioritizes your recovery above everything else. We work within your schedule and handle as much of the legal work as possible so you can exclusively concentrate on healing.

Strong communication comforts clients. Our clients at The Cochran Firm know that they are well represented because they receive regular communication about the progress of their cases. We know that few things feel worse than being in the dark about your case’s direction. The outcome will impact the rest of your life, and it is stressful if nobody is communicating with you about it. Our attorneys provide regular updates and ensure that you always have a say in the actions we take.

We Have Attorneys Like Robert S. Miller

Robert Miller has been successfully representing clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for more than two decades. Having won over $20 million for his clients in personal injury cases, he epitomizes the quality of lawyers working at The Cochran Firm. He is just one of the many attorneys at our firm who have won awards for their accomplishments in their field.

We Pay Attention to the Little Things

It is easy to get caught up in the big picture. But at The Cochran firm, our Philadelphia multi-vehicle accident lawyers understand that even one seemingly small medical bill can make the difference in whether you can afford rent. Our attorneys ask questions about your life and help with matters that are important to you. If you ever feel overwhelmed, just know that you can ask for help and you will get it at our law firm.

We Balance Time and Compensation for the Best Results

After you have suffered multi-vehicle injuries, you need to be fully compensated for those injuries. When medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses are potentially equal to millions of dollars, you can’t afford to receive less than the entire amount you deserve. Some attorneys are so concerned about getting you money quickly that they ignore your need to receive every dime of compensation.

That has never been our way at The Cochran Firm. Do we try to get you money swiftly? Absolutely. But we don’t let that obfuscate your need to be compensated fairly. That just means that we never let the insurance companies delay and never waste time while handling your case. You need that balance, and we guarantee it to every client.

Protect Yourself and Your Family with an Experienced Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer from The Cochran Firm

The sooner you take action, the more money you are likely to get. Waiting to consult with a multi-vehicle accident attorney in Philadelphia is one of the worst things you can do after suffering multi-vehicle injuries in a car accident.

The faster we start handling your case, the better we can represent you. We want you to get the maximum compensation allowed by law because it will help you recover.

Contact one of our Philadelphia team members at (800) 969-4400 immediately to schedule your free consultation.

Helping You Recover from Multi-Vehicle Injuries

Multi-vehicle accidents often result in some of the most serious injuries of any type of accident. Typically, when one car hits you, your momentum suddenly shifts once. However, when you are involved in a multi-vehicle accident, your momentum can quickly change multiple times in short succession. That often leads to serious harm, such as:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal injuries, potentially resulting in nerve damage or paralysis
  • Crushed limbs
  • Death.

Even if you survive a multi-vehicle accident, you could be facing a lifetime of medical treatments to deal with the pain and disability that results from these multi-vehicle injuries. This means you need highly qualified doctors and the funds to pay for their services. You also need to understand what difficulties you will probably be facing. Consulting with a truck accident lawyer can be a critical step in ensuring you have the support and resources necessary for your recovery and legal needs.

Brain Injuries

This type of injury is terrifying both for you and for your closest friends and family. This is because, after a brain injury, you are likely to effectively be a new person. Most people who suffer traumatic brain injuries experience:

  • Dramatic personality changes
  • Bouts of depression and anxiety
  • Trouble communicating
  • Unexplained mood swings and behavior
  • Memory problems
  • Balance and sensory difficulties.

You will likely feel like you have lost control over your life. And even a lifetime’s worth of therapy may help you recover only a little bit of that control you once had. Similarly, your friends and relatives may find it almost impossible to interact with you the way they did before the accident. In such challenging times, it’s important to consult a brain injury lawyer who can provide guidance and support. They can help you understand your legal rights, navigate the legal process, and seek the compensation you deserve.

Spinal Injuries

Similar to the way you lose control of your mental facilities after a severe head injury, if you suffer a severe spinal injury, you will likely lose control of your physical abilities. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will be completely paralyzed, but you will likely experience uncontrolled shaking, lack of feeling, and weakened limbs, at a minimum.

As you age, these problems will probably get worse and you could easily be wheelchair-bound during your final years. Many people find it emotionally difficult to require assistance for everyday activities they once performed with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Were Answered by a Multi-Vehicle Accident Attorney in Philadelphia

Most of our clients have never dealt with the civil legal system before calling our office for the first time. They are often scared and confused by the Byzantine regulations that control the accident claim process. At The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia, we patiently peel away the complex layers of the legal process and explain it in simple and comforting terms. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

Does fault matter in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is partially a no-fault state and partially a fault state. For some compensation, your insurance company will cover your costs, regardless of who is at fault. Other parts of your compensation will be paid by the insurance company of the driver who is responsible for the accident.

How is fault determined in a multi-vehicle accident?

Every insurance company involved in the accident will investigate to determine fault by examining evidence and interviewing witnesses. Attorneys for drivers will also investigate. Typically, every party will determine fault separately and if there are any disagreements, they will be hashed out  through negotiation or court.

Who do I sue in a multi-vehicle accident?

Typically, if we sue anyone in a multi-vehicle accident, we will sue your insurance company. This is usually a last resort after your insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement. If you need to sue other parties, your insurance company will usually do that instead of you.

How long will it take for me to get the money?

If we can negotiate a settlement, you average should receive money in a few weeks. In more complex cases, you may have to wait a few months. However, if we go to trial, you usually won’t receive compensation for at least a year.

How much will I spend on a multi-vehicle accident attorney in Philadelphia?

Our lawyers work on contingency. This means we bill you only if we win you compensation. Our fee is always a set percentage of the damages you receive. If we are unable to get you money, you will never receive a bill, no matter how much work we performed on your case.

Is there a deadline to file a personal injury claim in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania law states you must file a personal injury claim within two years of suffering the injury.

Every question is important. The more informed you are, the better you can help with your case and the more comfortable you will be throughout the claims process. We take the time to listen to your stories and answer all of your questions. If there is anything you don’t understand, never be shy about asking. We are eager to provide answers.

Fighting the Insurance Companies for Your Benefit

Insurers Make Money Denying You Money — We Earn Money by Maximizing Your Compensation

Insurance companies have no incentive to pay you fair compensation for your claim. Every dollar an insurer pays you is one less dollar of profit earned at the end of the fiscal year. Unsurprisingly, this means that your insurance company doesn’t protect your best interests.

Despite this fact, the entire system is built on trusting the insurance companies to play fair. Their investigators collect evidence about the accident and determine fault when applicable. Agents from the insurance company also decide whether your claim meets the standards for compensation defined by your insurance policy. Finally, the insurance company decides what treatment or repairs are the policy covers and how much to pay you for services required and lost wages.

Throughout this process, the insurance company has several opportunities to undervalue or deny your claim. And unless you have a thorough knowledge of the law and how claims work, it is almost impossible to fight this alone. The Philadelphia multi-vehicle accident lawyers from The Cochran Firm have the experience and knowledge to fight the insurance company every step of the way.

We perform independent investigations that specifically look for evidence supporting your claim. With that evidence at hand, we can force your insurance company to approve your claim and accurately determine fault. Furthermore, we have decades of familiarity with car accident injuries and treatment options. Our attorneys can accurately estimate the full value of compensation you will require for all expenses, no matter how many years or decades of treatment or assistance you need.

Most importantly, we will never stop fighting until the insurance company agrees to a settlement that covers every dollar you will ever need. And we are prepared to go to trial if the insurance company refuses to agree to a fair offer.

Trust is a hard thing to earn and is easily lost. At The Cochran Firm, we take pride in being one of the most trusted personal injury law firms in Philadelphia.

If you need a law firm you can trust after a multi-vehicle accident, call us today at (800) 969-4400 to schedule a free consultation with a compassionate and experienced attorney.