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Philadelphia, PA: Johnny Cochran Lawyer

DoorDash Accidents Lawyer

DoorDash is a popular option for those seeking delivery from their favorite restaurant, drug store, or convenience store. Independent contractors promptly deliver food, snacks, and other orders to your doorstep.

A DoorDash driver puts other road users at risk when they take reckless actions. The urgency to make multiple deliveries should not result in severe harm to others.

If you or a loved one suffered life-changing injuries due to a negligent DoorDash driver, help is available. A DoorDash accidents lawyer offers free one-on-one consultation, a no-obligation opportunity to learn more about your legal options.

Understanding DoorDash Liability and Insurance Coverage

It makes a difference when your accident occurred.

DoorDash pays drivers — frequently referred to as Dashers — per delivery and not by the hour: the more deliveries, the more income for the driver.

If you experience an accident during the DoorDash “delivery available” or “delivery service” period, DoorDash third-party insurance coverage may apply. The delivery available period is when a Dasher is active on the app and available for orders. The delivery service period begins when a Dasher accepts an order and ends once delivery occurs or the order is canceled.

DoorDash provides third-party insurance for the delivery service period only. All Dashers must carry primary insurance with the minimum state liability limits, per the DoorDash Independent Contractor Agreement.

Navigating the complex liability and insurance issues following a DoorDash accident is difficult. Who covers what generally depends on what stage the delivery was in when the accident occurred.

DoorDash Late Violations

DoorDash policy requires drivers to deliver items safely and in a timely fashion. However, drivers can face violations for consistently late deliveries.

The app uses Google Maps to determine the anticipated time for each delivery. A Dasher may take one or more of the following risks to avoid a violation:

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Watching their app instead of the road
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Driving recklessly due to exhaustion or a sleep disorder.

Negligent delivery drivers can forever change your life in a second. A DoorDash accidents attorney can get to work fighting for the compensation you need and deserve.

Why Choose Us?

The Cochran Firm cares.

At The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia, we understand the stress and challenges accident victims face following a traumatic crash. No one travels throughout the city anticipating an out-of-control car driven by a reckless Dasher.

Managing a personal injury claim or lawsuit alone is nearly impossible if you are recovering from severe injuries.  Add the intricate details of insurance coverage and liability, and your stress grows.

The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia is known for its hard work on behalf of clients. Our compassion is genuine as we learn more about your accident and its impact on your quality of life. We have a long success rate, and we fight for the best possible outcome of each case. While it is impossible to predict the outcome of your case, settling for less than you deserve is never an option.

How We Help

We identify liability in DoorDash accidents.

To seek compensation for your damages, your attorney must identify all parties responsible for your harm. An in-depth look at the evidence from your DoorDash accident is crucial for identifying liability and proving negligence.

At The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia, we help victims of negligence by:

  • Offering a free, no-obligation consultation: This helps us, and you learn if you have grounds for a civil case.
  • Not requiring a deposit or retainer: You can hire a member of our team with no money down — we collect our fee when we win your case.  If, for some reason, we do not win, you do not pay our legal fees.
  • Gathering evidence: We collect as much information as possible relating to your accident. Police reports, witness accounts, and accident scene photographs take time to collect and review.
  • Negotiating with an insurance company: Out-of-court settlements are most common in civil cases. The Cochran Firm attorneys are highly skilled negotiators who fight for their clients.
  • Applying our trial experience to your case: If your DoorDash accident goes to trial, a car accident attorney from The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia will skillfully present your case before a judge and jury.
  • Communicating with clients: We share case updates and discuss with clients what they should expect throughout their legal journey.

Perhaps most importantly, we help accident victims by leading them through the civil process. The journey is challenging for those unfamiliar with civil law, insurance claims, and court proceedings.

If you suffered harm from a reckless DoorDash driver, focus on your recovery, not your case. The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia has a successful record of case results for victims of negligence. DoorDash accident victims can learn more by scheduling a free consultation today.

No one should suffer life-changing harm due to a dangerous DoorDash delivery driver. If you or a close loved one suffered severe injuries due to negligence, The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia stands ready to assist in your fight for justice.


DoorDash Accidents: FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding DoorDash accident cases

A Philadelphia DoorDash accident attorney answers frequently asked questions about the legal process:

What makes a DoorDash Accident case challenging?

Our experience helps us unravel the complexity of whether the driver was active on the app during the accident, whether they acted negligently, and who is liable for your damages — the driver’s insurance, DoorDash, or both.

I feel overwhelmed by my situation. Can I take time to think about a DoorDash lawsuit?

Severe injuries, mounting medical costs, and an inability to work overwhelm accident victims. However, you must act quickly to pursue compensation for your damages due to the statute of limitations.

What is the statute of limitations, and how does it apply to my DoorDash accident?

The statute of limitations is a legally set deadline for pursuing civil cases. Pennsylvania law allows two years to pursue personal injury and wrongful death cases.

What damages can I include in a DoorDash accident case?

Common damages include medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Each case is different, and an attorney can determine the best approach for your civil case.

Do I need an attorney for my DoorDash accident? Can I accept a settlement without one?

Accepting a settlement without an attorney is a risky decision. Most initial settlement offers are low sums aimed at protecting insurance company interests. An attorney protects your interests by fighting for what you deserve.

How long will my DoorDash accident case take?

When your world is turned upside down instantly, everything can seem to take forever. Your DoorDash accident attorney will work diligently to resolve your case expeditiously.

If you have questions regarding your Philadelphia DoorDash accident, schedule a free consultation with The Cochran Firm today. We are happy to answer any questions regarding a DoorDash case.

DoorDash Accident Attorney in Philadelphia

Make hiring an attorney a top priority.

The traumatic impact of a DoorDash accident brings new life challenges and disrupts everyday routines. The steps you take immediately following your accident are vital for protecting your health, recovery, and future.

Accepting an initial settlement offer may seem like a fast solution to your current situation. However, you may not pursue additional compensation once you accept the amount offered. This is especially troubling if you later develop complications from your accident injuries.

If you or a close loved one suffered harm due to a careless DoorDash driver, protect your interests by:

  • Not admitting fault for the accident
  • Hiring a Philadelphia DoorDash Accident attorney
  • Referring insurance adjusters to your attorney.

If your loved one died from their DoorDash accident injuries, you may want to pursue a wrongful death claim or lawsuit. Compensation for your loss can help ease the financial burden of lost income. It can also serve as a form of justice for the loss of companionship you enjoyed with your loved one.

The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia

One of Philadelphia’s premier law firms

If you need a DoorDash accident lawyer in Philadelphia, look no further than The Cochran Firm. We will compassionately and aggressively serve your legal needs.

Contacting us for a free consultation is simple. Call our office at 800-969-4400. The sooner you call, the faster we can learn about your DoorDash accident.

Time is not on your side regarding state law regarding the statute of limitations. There is no second opportunity for pursuing a lawsuit once the deadline expires. At The Cochran Firm in Philadelphia, we are familiar with court deadlines, and we understand the timely importance of legal deadlines.

Do not miss your opportunity to hold a dangerous DoorDash driver accountable. Get help from The Cochran Firm for your personal injury or wrongful death case. Our caring approach will put you at ease, knowing that your DoorDash case is in good hands.