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07 Aug Motorcycle Accidents

There’s plenty of warm weather left in the year 2019, which means motorcycles will still be on the road. Whether you are an automobile driver or motorist, it is crucial to understand the risks and liabilities involved in motorcycle accidents specifically.

The Risks Involved

For obvious reasons, riding a motorcycle comes with more risk than getting in your car and driving somewhere. Motorcycles are smaller and the driver is completely exposed to outside elements. In addition, road hazards can have a much larger effect on motorcycles than a car. For example, small debris or even a pothole can cause a motorcycle to crash compared to a car that can cruise right over it.

Liability in Motorcycle Accidents

Like automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents are governed by the law of “negligence.” Both parties are expected to behave reasonably and safely. Those operating automobiles must use care to avoid injuring other passengers, pedestrians, and motorists. Those operating motorcycles must be equally careful.

Preventing Motorcycle Accidents

There are various ways to help prevent motorcycle accidents for both motorists and automobile drivers. For motorists, it is important to gear up, avoid bad weather, and follow standard driving laws. Wearing long pants, sleeves, and attire that is bright helps with protection and visibility. Especially during heavy rain or winds, motorists should avoid driving. Also, motorists are bound to the same laws as automobile drivers. Adhering to stop signs, traffic lights, and other road guidelines is the law for all drivers.

Statistically, the majority of the time it is the non-motorcycle driver’s fault in accidents involving motorcycles. For those in cars, it is important is be alert and double check blind spots. When you spot a motorcycle near or around you, take extra caution and reduce your speed if you need to. Additionally, motorcycles are smaller and therefore, harder to spot. Be alert, as you should always be, and double check those blind spots before changing lanes.

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