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The Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Philadelphia

The Most Dangerous Roads and Intersections in Philadelphia

Using Philadelphia’s roads, whether as a driver, pedestrian, or cyclist, is an inherently risky activity. However, some of the city’s roadways are riskier than others.

Whether because of their layout, the volume of traffic they see, or other factors, there are certain stretches of road in the City of Brotherly Love that have become notorious for their high accident risk. Statistically, these are the roadways and intersections on which you’re most likely to get in an accident and suffer an injury in Philadelphia.

In this blog post we look at some of the worst offenders.

The Most Dangerous Roads in Philadelphia

When compiling this list, we looked at the roads in Philadelphia that most often provide the setting for serious accidents. Sadly, there are quite a few of these; in 2019, the Philly Voice reported that four of Pennsylvania’s ten most deadly road segments are in Philadelphia.

Roosevelt Boulevard

Roosevelt Boulevard is, by most accounts, the most dangerous roadway in our city. In fact, some analysts have named it among the most dangerous roads in the United States. Official statistics estimate that 14% of road fatalities in the city of Philadelphia are related to accidents on Roosevelt Boulevard.

Stretching across Northeast Philadelphia, it forms part of US Route 1. Known for its complex design, the Boulevard features 12 lanes and numerous intersections without clear lane demarcations. This feature of the road has led to a high number of fatal car accidents.

Efforts to make the road safer in recent years have focused on increasing the number of public transport lanes, strengthening enforcement efforts, upgrading pedestrian infrastructure, and addressing issues with signage and traffic signals.

The Schuylkill Expressway

The Schuylkill Expressway is a major highway running along the Schuylkill River, connecting Philadelphia with Montgomery County and other areas. It’s known for its winding and narrow lanes. Initial construction on the Schuylkill began in 1949, so long stretches of the road have been in place since before the establishment of the Interstate Highway System in 1956. These sections do not meet contemporary standards for road construction, and attempts to upgrade them in the intervening decades have had limited success due to space constraints and difficult terrain.

The expressway is notorious for heavy congestion, particularly during rush hours. Its narrow lanes, short entrance and exit ramps, frequent curves, and limited shoulders contribute to a higher risk of collisions and traffic jams. Seasonal weather conditions can also make things worse.

The Delaware Expressway

The Delaware Expressway, which forms part of Interstate 95, runs parallel to the Delaware River and is a major north-south route that connects Philadelphia to other parts of the state and beyond.

As is the case on the Schuylkill, heavy traffic is very common on the Delaware Expressway, especially near major interchanges and during peak commuting hours. Car and truck accidents are much more common on the route when it’s busy.

Broad Street

Broad Street is one of Philadelphia’s major thoroughfares, running north-south across the entire city. It intersects with several other major roadways, making it a central artery for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

The mix of vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians, on Broad Street, along with its numerous bus stops and varying lane widths, can lead to confusion and erratic driving behavior. Heavy congestion only serves to compound these difficulties.

The Most Dangerous Intersections in Philadelphia

Intersections pose a high risk of accidents because of the convergence of different types of traffic traveling in multiple directions. Turning at an intersection (particularly when you’re turning left and crossing the path of oncoming traffic) requires precise timing and a solid understanding of traffic rules on the part of all road users. Drivers frequently fail to meet this standard, which is why accidents at intersections are so common. Inadequate signage, poorly maintained roads, or obscured visibility can further exacerbate the risk of crashing your vehicle at an intersection.

Grant Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard

As noted above, Roosevelt Boulevard is generally regarded as the most dangerous road in Philadelphia. The intersection between it and Grant Avenue, located in the northeast of the city, is a major contributor to this reputation. The heavy traffic flow and busy pedestrian crossings at this intersection have combined to make this one of Philadelphia’s most notorious accident spots.

Red Lion Road and Roosevelt Boulevard

This intersection marks yet another appearance on this list for Roosevelt Boulevard. This spot is a little over a mile from the intersection between Grant Avenue and Roosevelt and, as is the case with that junction, Roosevelt’s multi-lane design is a contributor to many of the accidents here.

How to Stay Safe on Philadelphia’s Roads

Sadly, Philadelphia has some of the most dangerous sections of road in the state of Pennsylvania. Every time you drive on a road where collisions are common, you’re at a greater risk of ending up in a life-changing accident that might cause you permanent brain injuries or spinal injuries.

If you have to use these routes and intersections to go about your daily life, it’s important that you take extra care in high-risk areas and be conscious of likely accident spots.

  • Know the routes: Understanding which intersections and roads are most dangerous can help you plan safer routes. If you can avoid these during busy periods without adding significantly to the time you spend commuting, you should consider doing so.
  • Follow traffic rules: Adhering to speed limits, traffic signals, and other regulations minimizes risk in every situation on the road, but these safety measures are particularly important when you’re traveling in an area that’s known for accidents.
  • Stay alert: Keep an eye out for sudden changes in road conditions or unexpected behavior by other road users.

Working With a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Who Will Stand Up for You

Unfortunately, you can take every available precaution on the road and still get into an accident. When other road users fail to take the same level of care as you, you can suffer severe harm. Unless you take the necessary steps to secure compensation in this situation, you might be left with a major financial burden alongside the other difficulties accidents cause.

Don’t allow this to happen. Contact the Cochran Firm in Philadelphia today to start the process of claiming the compensation you deserve. You can reach us over the phone at 800-969-4400 or via our online contact form.