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Hiring an Auto Accident Attorney – When & Why


According to the National Safety Council, yearly roadway fatalities have been at a steady decline for the past 4 years. However, millions of people are still seriously injured each year due to negligent driving. Many of these people are left with life altering and chronic conditions. Furthermore, they are left drowning in medical bills and not nearly the amount of compensation they deserve. 

The internet is saturated with differing opinions on when it’s necessary to hire an auto accident attorney, leaving many individuals hesitant to seek legal help. Continue reading to learn not only when, but why you should hire an auto accident attorney. 

Hiring an Auto Accident Attorney if You or a Loved One Has Suffered Severe Injuries

The severity of auto collisions and injuries sustained by those involved vary tremendously. Accidents range from fender benders to head-on collisions at high speeds. Generally speaking, the more severe the injuries are, the more complex the case becomes and the more it is recommended to hire an attorney. The more injuries, the more damages a victim can seek compensation for, including future medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

With that being said, what may be considered a small or minor injury to one may be serious for another. We believe that every victim deserves to have their story told and heard, no matter how small it may be perceived. Only an experienced auto accident attorney can fight for your future expenses in addition to the initial expenses of the collision. 

Hiring an Auto Accident Attorney if the Insurance Company is Being Difficult

One of the biggest misconceptions about auto accidents is that the insurance company is on your side. You may be told that the insurance company will ensure a fair settlement, but the truth is that the insurance companies only care about their own bottom line. 

One of the first things we help our clients do after an auto accident is calculate their initial damages, including the estimated property damage of the vehicle and incurred medical expenses thus far. If you have already done this on your own, then you already have a number in mind of what your case is worth. If you feel the insurance company has been low balling you, you are probably right. 

Whether the insurance company is unwilling to give a fair settlement or they are being difficult to work with overall, hiring an auto accident attorney may be necessary. Our attorneys at the Philadelphia office have years of experience dealing with difficult insurance companies and won’t let them dictate what a fair settlement is.

Hiring an Auto Accident Attorney if Negligence or Fault is Unclear

Oftentimes, fault or the exact cause of an accident is unclear. Especially when there are multiple parties involved, no one wants to admit fault and everyone will be pointing fingers at each other. Additionally, your insurance company will most likely refuse any type of compensation or deny your claim altogether if anything suggests that you may be the party at fault. In this case, you absolutely need an attorney to aid in proving you were not at fault to file a claim. And from there, they can assist in ensuring a fair settlement. 

If your role in the cause of an accident is in question whatsoever, please reach out to The Cochran Firm Philadelphia today. Our auto accident attorneys will fully evaluate and investigate your case if we believe you have been wronged. No stone will be left unturned, and we will fight for both your initial and future expenses. 

Are You Unclear of Your Legal Options?

Statistically speaking, the average person will be involved in an auto accident 3 or 4 times in a lifetime, although the chances of the accident being deadly are far less likely. Perhaps you have already been in an accident before and dealt with the insurance company by yourself. Maybe you felt the settlement was fair or maybe you felt you could have gotten a settlement if you had the help of an attorney. Either way, just because you took one route before doesn’t mean there isn’t another, better route for the future. 

Lawyers go through years of schooling and obtain specific certifications to prepare themselves to best serve their clients. The best lawyers, including those specializing as truck accident attorney, have years of experience and are involved in continuing education programs to further enhance and improve their practice. Our attorneys at The Cochran Firm will meet and discuss all legal options for you in your initial case evaluation. There may be options that you didn’t think of or know of. Additionally, we are there to help you and provide insight along the way. Let your attorney worry about getting the outcome you or your loved one deserves, while you focus on healing and your family.

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The attorneys at our Philadelphia office, including our accomplished auto accident lawyers have secured numerous multimillion-dollar awards for victims of serious injury and many have even been recognized as Super Lawyers for their personal injury successes. 

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