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5 Mistakes Made After a Job Injury

construction worker holding neck | work injury attorney

When someone suffers a job injury they need to know what to do and what not to do. Common mistakes can often end up decreasing the potential settlement or benefits someone may receive. Here are the top five mistakes that people make after being injured on the job.

#1 Not Reporting the Accident in a Timely Manner

The most common mistake is to not report your accident to your employer right away. In the state of Pennsylvania, worker’s compensation laws require an injured person to report to their employer within 21 days of the injury. Compensation is not granted to those who did not report the injury within 120 days from the date of the injury or having knowledge of a work-related disease.

With few exceptions, it isn’t worth suffering an injury and then having to fight for the compensation you deserve. Do not wait to report an injury. Doing it as quickly as possible is the best way to safeguard your benefits. If you need legal assistance with your worker’s compensation claim, consider consulting with a worker’s compensation attorney.

#2 Not Disclosing Previous Injuries

The second most common mistake made by the injured is failing to disclose any previous work injuries. Any failure to report a past incident could result in losing your compensation completely. It is also possible that you may even face repayment of worker’s compensation finances already received. 

#3 Not Reporting All Injuries 

The third most common mistake is failing to report all of your injuries. If you fall and hurt your leg but also experience back pain, don’t forget to disclose it. Failure to report secondary injuries sooner than later will look as though you are trying to claim more than you are entitled to.

#4 Not Returning to Work When Able 

The fourth big mistake is refusing to return to work when you have fully recovered. Failure to accept the position offer available can be considered a voluntary loss of income. Your employer can terminate you for ‘your refusal to work.’

You must make an attempt to perform the duties of the positioned offered, to show that those duties are beyond your restrictions.

#5 Not Having Legal Representation

The fifth mistake made by work place injured victims is thinking they can handle the case on their own without legal representation. While you most certainly are allowed to represent yourself, it is highly discouraged. Navigating the law on your own is far more difficult that is may seem. It will be in your best interest to find a workplace injury attorney who has the experience and knowledge to properly represent your interests.

If you have suffered an injury on the job and need legal representation, contact The Cochran Firm Philadelphia today at 800-969-4400!